Holidays in Seattle: Seahawks lend a hand to community


The Seahawks have not had the type of success on the field that they expected in 2017. But something that the organization is very successful at is giving back to the 12’s in the community. With the holidays right around corner, many Seahawks players have gone out to lend a hand to people in need in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Although the holidays are fun for most families, there are those that struggle this time of the year. Some of these families use football and the Seahawks as an escape. The Seattle fans show their support for the team, through the highs and lows, every season. That is why the Seahawks do their best to return the favor to those fans.

But players were not the only members of the organization to help the community. The Seahawks Pro Shop teamed up with Uber Eats to make sure people would be able to get their last-minute presents for their friends and families that are Seattle fans.

Uber Eats is a food delivery service that lets user of their application to get food delivered to their location. But with this partnership, the company added a memorabilia page to get Seahawks merchandise delivered as well.  This helped the busy fans from trying to squeeze shopping into their busy schedules.

Check out what Seahawks players and other members of the organization did to spread holiday cheer in the community.

Blair Walsh Teams with The Salvation Army

One of the best charitable organizations in the U.S. during the holiday season is The Salvation Army. Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh adopted a family for the Salvation Army through their Adopt-A-Family (AAF) program and bought the family gifts at a local store. The AAF program matches an impoverished family with a sponsor to provide for the families’ tangible needs for the holidays.

The program makes a Christmas wish list of the needs for the family. The sponsor, in this case Walsh, will purchase gifts for the family based off the list. With Walsh’s contributions to the program, he helped turn a potential families gloomy Christmas into one that they will never forget.

Cliff Avril Spreads Christmas Spirit

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Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril spent a day as a cashier at two retail stores in the Seattle community. Posed as the cashier, Avril was ringing up gifts for the holiday customers. But before the customers could swipe their credit card, Avril informed them that he would be paying for those customers gifts. In the video below, you can see the reactions from customers. Some are funny, like when Avril runs into a Dallas Cowboys fan. But some, like the last customer that Avril engages with, are simply tear-jerking.

Richard Sherman holds annual Blanket Coverage Christmas

Through his foundation Blanket Coverage, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman held the foundations Christmas event at the Seahawks practice facility. The foundation brings families into the facility to receive gifts, meet and take pictures with Sherman, and let them have fun running around the Seahawks practice field. See what Sherman had to say about the event in a Players Tribune video from last year. Find more information about Sherman’s organization here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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