Interview With Colts’ Corner Pierre Desir

By Zach Sears
By Zach Sears

Our talented writer, Zach Sears (@sears___ on Instagram and @sears_58 on Twitter) was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to chat with Pierre Desir, Colts’ cornerback, who went down with a torn pectoral muscle during week 13. Desir had a career year in 2017, recording 32 total tackles, seven passes defensed, and one pick in nine game started. Desir should be a solid piece for many years to come for this Colts’ secondary. Now, onto his interview.

First, before I get into the interview I’m extremely happy to say I had the chance to talk with Pierre, he’s honestly such a laid back and chill guy that knows what he wants and gets after it! The opportunity to interview Pierre Desir (@PierreDesir28 on Instagram) for five questions  was extremely exciting as a life long NFL and Colts fan and it’s a dream come true, now, on with the interview!

Question 1: What is your favorite thing about Indianapolis, both the city and the team?

“My favorite thing about Indianapolis is the people. My family and I love the home town vibe there.”

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Question 2: What are your thoughts on the rumors of Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels taking up the Colts’ head coaching job?

“To be honest I heard so many rumors it’s hard to say what’s true because no one has officially take job. My main focus is getting back to 100 percent.”

Question 3: How is your pectoral healing after your scary injury in week 13 vs the Jaguars?

“It’s healed great. I am ahead of what was anticipated. I feel like I can play right now but I know it’s a process.”

Question 4: Do you feel if everyone was healthy on the current roster without any free agent acquisitions or a great draft that the current team would make the playoffs? If so how far do you think?

“I believe we can make the playoffs with the guys on the teams. I think almost every player on every team wishes everyone was healthy haha but I strongly agree we are a good team on the verge. We are young and learning to play together. I believe to make it to playoffs one step is to dominate your division. We were so close in many games this season and showed how good we can be it’s just a matter of finishing.”

Question 5: would you be willing to do another interview closer to their season or in season with either me or one of my colleagues?

“Yea I can do that.”

Once again huge thanks to Pierre Desir who was sadly injured Week 13 and wasn’t able to finish the season. I hope he and every other player that got injured returns fully healed and have bounce back seasons!


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