2018 Jets Draft Prospect

Name: Kerryon Johnson

Position: Running Back

School: Auburn

Height: 6’0

Weight: 212 lbs

Current Draft Projection: Day Two


Johnson was an absolute monster at Auburn. The SEC 2017 Offensive Player of the Year got even stronger after a strong 2016 campaign. He rushed for career highs of 1,381 yards and 18 touchdowns. Johnson was the workhorse for a dangerous Auburn offense, a team who was a game away from winning the SEC. He totaled 309 touches, almost more passing attempts than the starting quarterback.


Johnson is a versatile back who combines speed, power, elusiveness, and patience. First and foremost, we look at his speed and quickness. He isn’t the fastest of running backs but it’s his vision that makes up for it. However, don’t get me wrong here. He isn’t slow.


The Auburn phenom’s patience has drawn him comparisons to Le’Veon Bell. He sits in the backfield, slows himself down and patiently waits for his offensive line to open up a lane. His style of running is one used by very few. The skill-set and ball carrier vision needed to pull this type of style off is insane, and Johnson has this skill-set. Just check out his patience here. He gets the direct snap, sits in the backfield, waits for a hole to open up and makes a big play.


Johnson’s power combines with his speed and patience to form a super human. Johnson has the ability to run through defenders, and has shown that he can power through almost an entire defense once he gets to the second level. Get him to the second level of the field, and he’ll be a hard man to tackle. Just ask these guys:


One of few concerns about Johnson is his health. Johnson did not play a full season in college for his entire career. During the 2016 season, he injured his ankle during a game against Mississippi State, causing him to miss a game. This past season, Johnson injured his hamstring against Georgia Southern. Later in the year, he suffered a gruesome shoulder injury along with an injured ribcage. Johnson played through these injuries at the SEC championship game, and showed he wasn’t nearly as effective as he normally is, and that he wasn’t even close to 100%. These injuries concern several NFL teams and may hold them back from drafting him.

Jets Fit:

When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, you get an injury-prone back with a unique and nearly unmatchable skillset. Whether it’s speed, power, or vision, he will find a way to make a play. The Jets need a spark in their backfield, and Johnson is just that. He will provide not only third down help, but he can evolve into a full-time, three-down workhorse type back. With Bilal Powell and Matt Forte both getting old, Johnson could fly under the wings for a season or two, and who knows where his flight could be headed.

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