Realistic Draft Trade Scenarios For the Jets


The 2018 NFL Draft is coming up, and the Jets are “stuck in the middle” with the 6th overall pick. The Browns, Giants and Broncos all lay ahead of them in need of a quarterback, and after them comes no teams in need of a passer until the Cardinals at pick 15. A potential trade is definitely possible for Gang Green, whether it be to move up or move down.

The Possible Scenarios:

Trade Up

If the Jets have their mind set on a quarterback, they may have to trade up to get their player of choice. The Browns, Giants and Broncos all need a quarterback, and if these three all choose one, the Jets are basically left with only one player to choose from.

However, the Colts pick third with no need for a quarterback, and the Browns also have a second pick at fourth overall. There is a legitimate possibility these teams will be willing to trade down in the draft, especially with teams desperate for a franchise quarterback. These teams could get some serious value for their pick, and would be willing to move down. The Jets make the perfect team to trade with. At number six, the Colts and/or Browns can trade down and still most likely grab the player they want.

The Jets have the pieces in place to make a trade. With the sixth pick, along with two second round picks and eight total picks, they can send over plenty of picks and not have to worry much. Gang Green also has plenty of players that can be thrown into a deal for a pick. For example, say the Jets sign Spencer Ware or Jerick McKinnon. This gives them the opportunity to trade Bilal Powell, who could get some serious value from the Colts, or even the Browns with Isaiah Crowell not under contract for 2018. Jermaine Kearse could even be on the block if a new receiver is signed.

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Realistic Trades

  • Jets Receive: Third Overall Pick
  • Colts Receive: Sixth pick, 49th Overall Pick (via Seattle), 182nd Overall Pick


  • Jets Receive: Third Overall Pick
  • Colts Receive: Sixth Overall Pick, Bilal Powell, 109th Overall Pick


  • Jets Receive: Fourth Overall Pick
  • Browns Receive: Sixth Overall Pick, 2019 Second Round Pick, Jermaine Kearse

Trade Down

Say the Jets sign Kirk Cousins, or any free agent quarterback. They could potentially trade down with a team in need of a quarterback. Teams like the Cardinals, Vikings and the Bills are all looking for a new franchise quarterback, and may have the desire to move up in order to find their guy.

We all know the Jets are in the rebuilding process, and what better way to rebuild than to stack up on future picks? Look at the Browns. Last year, they made a deal with the Texans to acquire their 2018 first and second round picks. Although they did miss out on Deshaun Watson, they laid groundwork for the future and now own 50% of the first four picks in the draft. Although it may not work out as greatly as it did for the Browns, the Jets could draw up a blueprint for their future plans.

Realistic Trades

  • Jets Receive: 15th Overall Pick, 2019 First Round Pick, 152nd Overall Pick
  • Cardinals Receive: Sixth Overall Pick


  • Jets Receive: 30th Overall Pick, Latavius Murray, 2019 First Round Pick
  • Vikings Receive: Sixth Overall Pick

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