Draft Profile

Name: Bradley Chubb

Position: EDGE

School: N.C. State

Height: 6-foot-4

Weight: 275 pounds

Projected Round: Round One (Top Ten)



Chubb has the size of a prototypical NFL defensive linemen. Has the strength to handle NFL offensive linemen on the first day he steps on the field. And for his size, he is very athletic with a great burst.

Chubb keeps a strong base when taking on a block, which helps him control and set the edge. But even when the play is going away from his side, Chubb has the speed to make a play. But even when he is aggressively chasing the ball, he does not abandon his responsibilities of preventing a cutback lane.

Chubb has a high motor and he always plays relentlessly. He attacks gaps and blows plays up in the backfield. He maintains his gap assignment and pushes upfield from his gap. When in a gap, uses good body control to fight off a block and maintain his gap presence.

For a player coming out of college, Chubb has a professional repertoire of pass rush moves. He has quick hands that can prevent an offensive lineman from getting to his chest. His hand swipes are forceful and makes it difficult for offensive linemen to control him. Uses his long arms for an excellent stab move to keep offensive linemen from getting to his chest. Has a quick burst that gets him in good position off the ball. Uses his athleticism to beat tackles around the arc.

Played standing up at times at N.C. State and was put into coverage. Has the athleticism to be comfortable in coverage. Able to move around in coverage and not look out of place.


Due to his aggressive nature, he can put himself out of position trying to make a play. Also, he will get stuck on blocks instead of going after the ball because he is too focused on trying to shed the blocker. Leaves his chest open at times because he does not play with ideal pad level. His pad level can also cause him to get moved around easily when being blocked. Has trouble identifying blocks when they are coming away from him.

Latest Browns News

Fit with the Cleveland Browns

Some may that adding Chubb to the Browns front seven would be overkill when they have plenty of holes elsewhere. But one of the most important aspects for a team is having a quality pass rush. Pairing Chubb with Myles Garrett would give the Browns two of the best young defensive ends in the NFL.

Teams would have to gameplan carefully when playing against Chubb and Garrett. Both can dominate against the run and pass. Teams would need to account for both with extra blockers. But they would be unable to double them every play, leaving the other available to make a play.

The Browns also have young building blocks up the middle with Danny Shelton and Larry Ogunjobi. Adding Chubb to this core would create a nightmare for offensive coordinators to gameplan for that front. Offenses would need to figure out who they want to focus on and when.

With the Browns having one of the worst secondaries in the NFL, a dominant pass rush can make a mediocre pass defense look great. That’s what adding Chubb to the Browns would do. Quarterbacks would not have the time to go through their progressions, leading to forced throws. Defenses can disguise their coverages, making forced throws into turnovers.

Chubb also has experience at playing different techniques on the defensive line. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams would be able to do creative things with his defensive line to create confusion for an offense. Chubb could play as a three-technique on passing downs, with Emmanuel Ogbah replacing him at defensive end. This would give Williams the option of running stunts with explosive players, making it easier to get too the quarterback.

Even though the Browns already have a quality front seven, adding Chubb would create a different dynamic for the Williams led defense. Chubb would be able to hide the deficiencies of the defense by making it difficult for quarterbacks to sit in the pocket to pick apart the Cleveland secondary. He would also transform an already quality run defense into one of the league’s best.

Look at what the Philadelphia Eagles were able to do with a plethora of quality defensive linemen in 2017. Being able to play to their strengths, the Eagles defensive line was one of the most dominant in the NFL. The Browns may not have the amount of talent the Eagles defensive line did, but they have the potential to get to that level. Adding Chubb could make the Browns one of the elite defenses in the NFL in just a few years.


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