North Dakota


6’2, 215

Projection: Round 6-7


225 tackles

19 tackles for loss

2.5 sacks

Five interceptions

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Reyes, at 6’2 215 pounds, has ideal size for an NFL safety. He is a ball hawk in every sense of the word. He has excellent instincts and reads the play well. His Football IQ is as high as any safety I have watched. Reyes is a willing run defender and loves to fly into the box and tackle the running back. His mentality is that of an aggressive, run stopping defensive back. Reyes is an incredibly decorated player; he won six All American honors in 2016, four being first team. Second on the team in tackles in 2017 despite missing two games. Named the Big Sky Preseason Defensive Player of The Year.


Reyes is a very injury prone player. He missed six games over his first three seasons and missed almost all of his 2017 season with an injury suffered in the first game of the season. Reyes’ speed is sub-par for the NFL and therefore lacks good range. Needs to gain speed to be a true roamer safety. He is heavy on his feet and struggles to get his hips around in man coverage. He is not a secure tackler, as he often goes for the big hit instead of the safe play. Reyes doesn’t have much experience against high-level competition at North Dakota. Needs to sure up his tackling mechanics if he wants to consistently tackle NFL running backs.

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Colts’ Fit

The Colts’ secondary is filled with young talent, and Reyes would be a good addition to the secondary. He will be a big difference maker on special teams, and could eventually carve out a starting role if he develops. The Colts’ already have a center fielder; a ball-hawking safety in Malik Hooker. Reyes and Hooker playing together in the back would be a nightmare for opposing teams looking to pass the ball heavily. If Reyes puts on some more weight and improves his tackling, he could play as box safety like Clayton Geathers. The Colts’ hired Rusty Jones, one of the best strength and conditioning coaches of all time. He would do wonders for Reyes’ health.


Cole Reyes has all of the tools to be a starting NFL safety. Speed, footwork, and tackling can be coached. Football IQ and mentality cannot be coached, and that is something that Reyes already has. The Colts’ would be foolish not to take a flyer on Reyes on day three. He will be a very solid practice squad player until he is ready to play NFL snaps.Some team will take Reyes, and that team will end up with a better player than they bargained for.

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