Chiefs Trade Marcus Peters

Former Chiefs CB Marcus Peters

There have now been two major trades during the NFL offseason, both involving the Chiefs. Rumors had been circulating that Marcus Peters might be shipped out of Kansas City, once David Amerson was signed to a one year deal. The Amerson signing was also after the acquisition in Kendall Fuller in the Alex Smith trade.

Initial Thoughts

As the full details of the trade are still up in the air, the positive thing is the Chiefs will likely be receiving more draft picks from the Rams. But without a first round pick, how much day two picks really help the Chiefs?

There are tons of outside stories and rumors that have been revealed with a trade coming to fruition. First, neither the Browns or Colts were interested in trading for Peters. Both of those teams currently have general managers, whose previous jobs were in Kansas City’s front office. Other rumors include Peters requesting a trade when the Chiefs blew their lead in the wild card game against the Titans, and lost another home playoff game. And let’s face it, if Peters was never comfortable committing to staying in Kansas City, the Chiefs did not need to spend lots of money on a big contract to try and keep him heading into a contract year. The Chiefs also could not just let him leave in free agency after 2018, they had had to get something in return.

The Chiefs knew what they were getting themselves into, when drafting Peters in 2015. Peters was dismissed from the team at the University of Washington, following a series of problems with the coaching staff. Also, it was evident that Peters relationship with Andy Reid was not very good. Add in the fact, that Reid had to suspend Peters for one game this past season. This was a week after Peters threw a referee’s penalty flag into the stands in a game. That same week, Peters argued with an assistant coach.

Besides Reid, Chiefs owner, chairman and CEO Clark Hunt reportedly had concerns about Peters actions during the season. Hunt as also been one of the more active owners when speaking about how players should stand for the national anthem. Hunt even reportedly had Peters stay in the locker room during one game for the national anthem this season.

What This Means For the Chiefs

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Whether it be the picks in return from the Rams or other draft picks, the cornerback position should garner focus during the NFL Draft. Clearly before the Peters trade, that general manager Brett Veach was not afraid to make savvy and bold moves. The moves Veach made cleared up a lot of money for this upcoming free agency period. As good as the addition of Fuller is, Amerson’s injury history should remain a concern. As mentioned, the Chiefs have a few cornerbacks entering free agency. They may not be back due to performance. This includes Philip Gaines, Kenneth Acker, and Terrance Mitchell, although Mitchell has shown the most out of this group.

Also, the Chiefs and the AFC West as a whole are going through major transitions at this point. The Chargers may not be changing that much, but the Raiders made a splash hiring Jon Gruden. The Broncos need of a new quarterback and a few other positions. With Patrick Mahomes¬† taking hold of the quarterback spot, the Chiefs are basically going through a rebuild. The Chiefs sport a pretty deep roster. Yet, now it’s about trying to build a new core that puts their future in the direction Kansas City wants to go in. With this, that means that leadership is probably going to be a big part in trying to get the future started. Not that current guys are unable to accomplish that, but the leadership is something that will keep this team together.

What This Means For the Rams

The Rams were able to land one of the top cornerbacks in the league, at the right time. The Rams tagged cornerback Trumaine Johnson the previous two seasons. It became evident that Johnson’s price was going to be too hefty for the Rams to retain him in free agency. Peters will also come cheap, as he will make $1.7 million in 2018, plenty less than Johnson for about the same caliber of player.

There are also key elements the Rams have that works in Peters favor. Peters wanted types of guys that he feels are fighters for a head coach and a defensive coordinator. Sean McVay  set the bar for head coaches to get jobs earlier in their careers. Wade Phillips is also a defensive coordinator that led many great defenses. Peters also gets to play closer to his hometown, Oakland, in Los Angeles.

Now, Peters can be too much, but when focused and on top of his game, Peters is inevitably a player that is too tough to consistently throw on. Peters is also very visible on how much chances he takes and how competitive he is. If the Rams are able to keep him contained and in check, they made a good trade. Peters career stats also speak for itself, with 19 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles, and 5 fumble recoveries.

Time will tell if this trade was the best decision for the Chiefs, as there are many differing opinions in Chiefs Kingdom. But in sports, happy endings are never always going to be the case for players and teams. The Chiefs meet Peters and the Rams next season in Mexico City.

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