While a few teams in the NFL have been wheeling and dealing their players and draft picks this offseason, the Los Angeles Chargers have been rather quiet, until now. Cornerback Casey Hayward has signed a new deal, keeping him under contract to the team for the next three years. Hayward’s current deal was set to run out next year, after initially signing in 2016. The two-time Pro Bowler’s deal, was confirmed by Ian Rapoport.

After being dropped by the Green Bay Packers, Hayward established himself as one of the premier cornerbacks in the NFL. He was rated, by PFF, as the best corner with a score of 96.4. Additionally, he had the best single game score at his position, with 98.0, when he had 4 tackles, 3 pass defences, and 2 interceptions against Buffalo. He also had the 4th, and 5th highest scores.

The 2nd team All-pro (2016-2017) led one of the best secondaries in the league, totalling 22 PDs and 4 INTs.

General Manager Tom Telesco made it clear that this was a priority going into the offseason, and has stuck to his word by rewarding Hayward. The deal averages at $12million a year, which puts the corner just outside the top-10 in terms of the average pay at his position. Displaying that this is a good deal for Hayward, and the Chargers.

The 28-year old will look to continue his growth and development, shutting down top wide receivers for years to come.

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