The time has come. The Patrick Mahomes era is officially underway. Fans have been excited since last April, when Mahomes was drafted as the tenth overall pick.

However, Mahomes is the only quarterback on the roster. Tyler Bray is a free agent, and although he may be brought back, the Chiefs need to find a guy who can be a capable backup to Mahomes. Even though Mahomes is the focus, we have seen how important backups have become in recent years. For example, after Aaron Rodgers went down last season, the Packers dropped off significantly in all facets of the game. Also after Carson Wentz tore his ACL, Nick Foles even won Super Bowl MVP and led the Eagles to a win over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Backups should also be guys that are able to play quarterback at the NFL, but also not be a distraction to the team. The best backup quarterbacks are guys who are quiet leaders, who show up every day to do the work they need to do, just like everyone else. Let’s look at some possible backup quarterbacks the Chiefs could bring in.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick has been around for a while, and his been a part of seven different NFL teams. Fitzpatrick has shown success with Buffalo, Houston, and the New York Jets. With Fitzpatrick’s resume and history, it’s evident that he has been able to impact younger quarterbacks. Last year, it was Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, and there have been other occurrences like Jake Locker in Tennessee and Ryan Mallett in Houston. What helped Fitzpatrick though, is some of these younger quarterbacks became injury prone and it allowed Fitzpatrick to see the field more.

Chiefs Fit: With Fitzpatrick being a veteran at thirty-five years old, this gives the Chiefs someone who has plenty of expertise to add to what Andy Reid already possesses as a quarterback guru. Fitzpatrick has also been pretty reliable when called upon, and his athletic abilities are impressive. He can run well, and his arm is not too bad either. This gives the Chiefs someone who would be all in with what the Chiefs are wanting to do as well.

Drew Stanton

Stanton has been well known for his relief appearances in Arizona. In fact, Stanton has actually played in at least five games in the last four years. He has also done pretty well, when called upon. During the last four seasons, Stanton holds a 9-4 record, with all nine of those wins coming in games in which he was the starter. Like Fitzpatrick, Stanton is also mobile enough to get out of pressure, but his arm is probably his greatest strength.

Chiefs Fit: Once again another veteran, who has been around the NFL for over a decade. With plus arm strength, he could possibly be a big help to someone who has a cannon like Mahomes. Unfortunately, Stanton has suffered some injuries, but nothing too major. His winning record also speaks for itself, especially when some other of his teammates were banged up.

Chase Daniel

Is a second stint in Kansas City possible for Chase Daniel? When Andy Reid first came to Kansas City, Daniel was who he chose to be the backup as Alex Smith began his career in a Chiefs uniform. Daniel had two impressive performances in Week 17 of 2013 and Week 17 of 2014. In both games against the Chargers, Daniel was a combined 37/57 for 357 yards and one touchdown. That 2014 win also kept the Chargers from making the playoffs.

Chiefs Fit: Obviously with Andy Reid, there is already a relationship there between him and Daniel. Daniel has also been around some pretty good quarterbacks in his career. Alex Smith, Drew Brees, and Carson Wentz in his rookie season, were all teammates of Daniel. And again, Daniel is like the other two aforementioned quarterbacks, as far as ability goes. Daniel is mobile enough, and his arm is good enough for the NFL level.

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