Most people know Trey Burton simply as the guy who “threw the Philly special in the Super Bowl” or “Zach Ertz backup,” but he’s much more than that. The undrafted Florida native has all the traits to be a polished tight end but also has the physical ability to play in the slot as a wide receiver, where he was quite a bit while taking over for the injured Jordan Matthews.

Sitting behind a top 5 tight end this season doesn’t exactly give you the opportunity to shine, but when an unfortunate injury left Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles sidelined, Burton stepped up big time. Burton’s biggest performance was a crucial game against the LA Rams, bringing in 5 catches for 71 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Throughout his career, Burton had a total of 63 catches for 629 yards and 7 touchdowns. For a backup TE? That’s amazing. As of today, Chicago signed Burton to a 4 year, 32 million dollar deal to most likely be the backup to 2017 2nd round pick Adam Shaheen, but the way Burton has played, that tight end role could easily become Burton’s at some point.

Free agency is far from over but so far the aggressiveness from Pace has Bear fans jumping for joy while Burton’s stats and name don’t exactly jump out at you, he’s gonna be a massive piece in Nagy’s offense. Welcome to the best sports city in America, Trey.

(Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)


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