FPC Mock Draft: Colts Selection

1.3: Bradley Chubb EDGE NC St.


Chris Ballard made the easy decision, selecting the best defensive player in the entire draft class, Bradley Chubb. The Colts haven’t had an elite pass rusher since Robert Mathis’ 2013 19.5 sack season, and it’s been abysmal since about 2015. This has to change under the new regime, they cannot expect any championship run without a good pass rush, and this is where Chubb comes in. The NC St. Wolfpack defensive end may not be an athletic freak like Jadeveon Clowney, but Chubb has good enough athletic ability to support his All-Pro caliber technique.

Chubb tested favorably to San Diego Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa, beating Bosa in all combine tests except for an underwhelming cone drill. Chubb, of course, has a chance to improve that number at his pro day on March 19th, but as of right now his cone drill is closer to Clowney’s and Demarcus Lawrence, which isn’t bad company.

What makes Chubb special, as mentioned before, is his elite technique. Chubb’s hands are already close to J.J. Watt and Joey Bosa, which will help him translate quickly to the NFL. The ACC superstar uses his strength and leverage to overpower blockers in the run and in the passing game that will make him a three-down player throughout his NFL career. Another thing Chubb does exceptionally well is getting an excellent first step off the snap. Chubb can burst off the line of scrimmage to catch the tackle off guard, and then dominates with the rest of his skill sets.

We could go on all day about how great Chubb the prospect is, but we’ve said enough for now. The Colts need an impact player at the top of the draft, and unless blown away by a trade offer from a quarterback-needy team, the franchise could be adding a double-digit sack player for the next ten years.

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