As of Wednesday, the top NFL free agents have been dropping off the board and signing with their future teams. The Jets, after a seemingly long and uncomfortable silence, have made their first real move. After agreeing to bring Josh McCown back for another season to mentor whatever young quarterback the Jets deem to be their future starter, Mike Maccagnan was able to lasso in Isaiah Crowell, the former Browns’ running back.

Isaiah Crowell is expected to sign a three year with the team, bringing competition to a running back class that includes sophmore running back Elijah McGuire, as well as the fan favorite veteran in Bilal Powell.

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An Overview:

Crowell has not missed a game in his four years in Cleveland, rushing for a total of 3,118 yards and 21 touchdowns in his time with the club. While he has not yet recorded a 1,000 season, the closest he got was 952 during the Browns’ 2016 1-15 season. He also recorded eight touchdowns that season.

Crowell will bring a powerful stride to the Jets backfield. His run-style is thunderous and should allow the Jets to manipulate their offensive scheme in a variety of ways. With Powell being more of a dual threat in both the run and passing game, and McGuire being the speedster, the acquisition of Crowell should leave the Jets poised to differentiate between a slew of techniques.

The value of the contract has not yet been released, as the Jets have seemingly been keeping a low profile throughout the last few days. With a large sum of money leftover, the Jets would be wise to invest it in positions of need.

Many large targets have already agreed to their respective teams, but with a few still available, the Jets will need to be more aggressive than they have been. Their roster is filled with holes that can easily be filled, but Mike Maccagnan’s unwillingness to offer larger guarantees leaves the Jets at a weakness.

At the very least, the Jets will not have to panic when it comes to the running back position. That is, unless, they are silently planning to trade somebody away.

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