On Monday it was reported that the Rams would be hosting Ndamukong Suh for a visit. Since that time, things have heated up considerably. With multiple teams, including the Saints and Titans, chasing the star free agent, his landing spot is very much up in the air.

New facts were introduced on Wednesday when NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport tweeted the following:

While it is certainly unsurprising that the Rams were able to make a “strong impression” on Suh given the strength of their defensive unit, this makes things very real for Rams fans. Another source for that strong impression? Without a doubt, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, arguably the best in the business.


The Rams were contenders this past season for the first time in a long time, taking the NFC West title. That position in the division seems prime for the taking once again, although the Rams certainly will need to battle with the up-and-coming 49ers.

If coming to Los Angeles, Suh would be able to play alongside Aaron Donald. Donald is the most dominant defensive player in the NFL… no debate about it. An absolute game-wrecker, Donald’s presence would allow Suh to have less attention on him than he would in any other situation.


However, one fear fills the minds of Rams fans when thinking about the team signing Suh. Will the acquisition of the dominant defensive tackle mean that the Rams will view Donald as disposable? The former Defensive Player of the Year is due to get PAID, and Les Snead might be looking for a way to save some cash.

Rams Outlook

As the Suh situation continues to develop be on the lookout for the Rams to potentially make a huge splash. How would you attack a Rams defense that features a front with Donald and Suh, not to mention their new, dominant secondary?

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