Chandler Hutchison

Boise State


6’7″, 196 pounds

7’1″ wingspan

Projection: 14-20


Hutchison is an extremely versatile wing whose playstyle perfectly fits the modern NBA. His play has vastly improved every season. Hutchison is an above average three-point shooter. His shooting mechanics have greatly improved from his freshman year to his senior year, and the percentages reflect this (25% to 38.4% in conference play). Hutchison’s newfound ability to keep his elbow in, smoothen out his form, and even catch on the hop shows his work ethic. Hutchison played the lead ball handler position often for Boise State. For a 6’7″ forward, his ball handling is very good, and his vision is solid. Hutchison doesn’t have elite vision, but he often makes the right decisions. He makes the easy passes, such as kick-outs for open threes, consistently.

He is great as a pick and roll ball handler but is also effective without the ball. His cuts are lethal; he knows how to find the open space in the defense, and his three-point ability allows him to spot up. Hutchison is a good athlete, with solid leaping ability. He drives hard to the hole and is adept at drawing contact (7.2 FTA per game). His touch around the basket is great, and he uses his left hand effectively as well. His length allows him to finish over taller defenders, and shoot over just about anyone.

Hutchison is a good defensive player and projects as an excellent 3-D player in the NBA. His combination of elite length and quick feet for his size will allow him to guard at least three positions. Anyone who can guard multiple positions in the NBA will be a hot commodity due to the way the NBA is going smaller. Hutchison’s rebounding is also very solid; he is averaging 7.7 rebounds per game and 9.9 rebounds per 40.


In the era of one and done’s, Hutchison’s age (22 at the start of the season), will hurt his draft stock. By way of not going one and done, Hutchison has lost valuable NBA development time. He is the same age as or older than the likes of Devin Booker and Ben Simmons, but we have seen older rookies like Donovan Mitchell thrive. Hutchison has a good left hand but too often defaults to his stronger right. His shooting has improved, but he is still a bit reluctant to shoot the three ball. He can be a bit prone to turnovers and dumb fouls at times.

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Best NBA Fits

Denver Nuggets

When going through the list of teams, I thought to myself: “What NBA team needs an athletic 3-D wing who does a bit of everything?” Well, the answer to that question is every single team. Specifically, the Nuggets are devoid of young, versatile talent on the wing. Will Barton and Wilson Chandler are the only wings on their roster that can defend multiple positions, and neither of them are young.

They rank 25th in defensive rating this year (108.8); Hutchison could help improve that. Denver will likely pick in the middle of the first round. They could gamble on a potential star here with high bust potential, or go with Hutchison, who is as much of a sure thing as anyone in this class. Denver has its young core of stars (Jokic, Murray, Harris) and should look to add role players now. Hutchison will be a great role player one, with the potential to be quite a bit more.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta likely will pick in the late teens with the Timberwolves’ pick, which could put them out of Hutchison’s draft range. The Hawks have a nice core of 3-D wings already in Taurean Prince and Kent Bazemore, but neither have a very high ceiling offensively. Hutchison adds another wing who can defend multiple positions, but unlike the others, has significant offensive potential. The Hawks rank 23rd in defensive rating this year (108.4) but have the potential to be a good defensive team in the future. The great, 60 win Hawks team in 2015 was built around defense, teamwork, and toughness. Picking Hutchison could be a step in returning to that winning formula.

Phoenix Suns

The Suns will have a top pick in the NBA draft, and there is a good chance they select a big like DeAndre Ayton, Mohamed Bamba, or Marvin Bagley. They have two more picks that will likely fall in the middle of the first round. The Suns have quite a few options here, and Hutchison should definitely be one of them. They rank last in the NBA in defensive rating this year (110.8), and outside of Josh Jackson, have little young, defensive talent. Hutchison is another wing that will help the Suns on both sides of the ball.


NBA scouts will not be afraid to take a player from a small school high if they see the talent is there (see Damian Lillard). The thing that could hold him back is his age. This class is one of the most top-heavy in a while, and this could cause Hutchison to fly under the radar. He could be this year’s Kyle Kuzma, and not just because they could both be draft steals, their playstyles are similar as well. Hutchison has the talent to be a lottery pick, but there is a good chance he falls out of the lottery. Either way, Hutchison’s game is tailor-made for the NBA, and he will make teams regret on passing on him.

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