2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Andrew Brown

Position: DT

School: Virginia

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 296 pounds


Pass Rush

Although Brown played end in Virginia, he profiles as a defensive tackle. However, Brown’s quickness from playing outside actually translates into a three-technique. With a natural, pad-driven bull rush, Brown sets opposing linemen on their heels. Furthermore, during this move, Brown keeps his feet churning, making it tough for opponents to regain balance. Like sound boxers, Brown exhibits the ability to counter a punch. That is to say, when a lineman presses forward, Brown will use either hand to beat the linemen, literally, to the punch. More importantly, Brown never stops or stays blocked. Every snap means the world to him.

Run Stuffing

As a new three-technique, Brown will use his burst to shoot the gap and make the play. From the snap, Brown beats opponents out of their stances. If the plays veers anywhere near him, Brown shakes the block and makes the play. If the play circles away from him, Brown gathers himself and scans for the ball. In this case, his vision and anticipation are far more important than anything he can do physically.

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Normally, defensive tackle speed measures in limited segments. However, Brown closes well with the ability to finish. In the open field, Brown gives adequate chase on the perimeter.


Despite weighing around 300 pounds, Brown manhandles much larger tackles en route to the ball. For this reason, a move inside makes sense.


Unlike most 300 pounders that fall on top of the ball, Brown shows nimbleness to striking the ball carrier. As a result, the play stops at first contact. Brown is a snap and drop tackler. In that case, players will not struggle to get free. Instead, the whistle blows. Power, as Brown uses is a phenomenal tackle tool.

Raiders Fit

With the Raiders desperately needing a disruptive defensive tackle, Brown fits the need. In addition, his type of play in Paul Guenther’s scheme could remind some of Geno Atkins. While nowhere near that accomplished, the physical traits are similar. Mack and Irvin need that interior disruption. Moreover, quarterbacks appear too comfortable with climbing the ladder to throw. If Brown is there on Day 2, the Raiders need to strongly consider him.

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