With the draft closing in shortly every analyst has been breaking out the draft board to figure out the million dollar (actually multi-million dollar) question: “Who gets drafted and where?”

A lot of rumors and speculation have flying around about who will pick who, but most have surrounded the top three: the Cleveland Browns, the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

The Browns are the Browns. They hail from the factory of sadness that may be shutting down for a season or two thanks in partly to the offseason hustle they have been doing.  The Giants fell from grace last season under Ben McAdoo, going from potential Super Bowl contenders to letting the Jets be the better team in the Big Apple. Speaking of which, Gang Green went from “Suck for Sam” to surprise AFC threat. Now, speculation on who goes No. 1 overall in the 2018 draft has ranged from Saquon Barkley, the RB from Penn State, to Sam Darnold, the QB from USC. And judging by the Browns offseason moves from adding almost every position from a QB to an OLB, it is tough to take a crack at who will go number one. However, it’s still fun to try.

So, How Do The Jets Tackle Their No. 3 Pick?

All joking aside, the Jets are in need of a signal caller at No. 3. And actually, this may be an upgrade from desperate like they were the past decade. After grabbing Teddy Bridgewater and re-signing Josh McCown, it is clear that Bowles is in full play for “your right to start” mode. And I am not kidding; Todd Bowles amassed 17 wide receivers this offseason. Yes, 17!  Each will be competing this offseason for a starting job, just as the quarterback position will be.

So who will the Jets select at No. 3 to be the future of the franchise? Well, after much thought, the order of QBs for Gang Green (assuming the Jets will take a QB) should be as follows: The first choice should be for Baker Mayfield. While size may be a glaring issue, he is the most accurate out of all the QBs in the draft and has thrown for more yards than all the rest. And yes, he can go mobile if the pocket should collapse.

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Should Mayfield not be on the board then the Jets should target Josh Rosen. Rosen’s big build and ability to move in the pocket can make him a dangerous threat. While the foot work is something special, he is not as accurate as Mayfield and has some health issues.

Should both of those guys be off the board by the Jets turn it would come down to Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. Both are good quarterbacks and both could possibility get the job done. Darnold has a 2:1 TD interception ratio which is not ideal, but it could be better. His accuracy plummets when he has to go mobile and he can not read the safeties which is huge in the professional league.

Josh Allen is the other option and is about in the same boat. While he is largely inaccurate mobile, he makes up for it by being athletic. He can move the chains down field thanks to his big size and strength. Issues plague Allen as well since he didn’t start all his games last year and he makes too many risky moves.

Final Thoughts

All of these quarterbacks have upsides and downsides almost about equal. They need to be in a offense that can benefit them the most or else the team may have just wasted everyone’s time trying to fit a square peg in a round whole. The New York Jets should certainly select Baker Mayfield at number three. Having the best chance to fit in New York, Mayfield can bring alive this talented offense and make the Jets true contenders.

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