Tennessee Titans season : The second half

These are my Tennessee Titan season predictions for weeks 10 through 17. If you want to find out how we got here check out my thoughts on the first half of the season here!

Week 10: VS New England Patriots 1 PM

The Titans are riding a 3 game win streak coming into this game. This is undoubtedly our toughest game of the season. We will really be able to tell how good our team actually is during this game. There are a couple of interesting stories to go along with this game as well. Vrabel will be coaching against his former team, and Dion Lewis will be playing against his former team. It’s far too difficult to pick against the Patriots in any game. I forsee Tom Brady having himself a day, and dropping us to 6-3.

Week 11: @ Indianapolis Colts 1 PM

The biggest question in this game is going to be – Is Andrew Luck healthy? I don’t think it changes the outcome of the game either way. However, it would make it a much more exciting game if Luck is in fact healthy. In the end, I’d argue that the Colts have one of the weakest rosters in the NFL. The Titans take this one in Indianapolis and really start to gain control in the division. The Titans are 7-3

Week 12: @ Houston Texans 8:15 PM

Oh, baby, a good ole’ prime-time game for the Titans. This game will be crucial in terms of divisional control. The Titans dropped the first game to the Texans by a score of 24-20. Containing DeShaun Watson is still going to be a problem in this one, but the Titans take this game in Houston by a score of 17-13. This is going to be a fun rivalry for years to come. The Titans are now 8-3.

Week 13: VS New York Jets 4:05 PM

This has trap game written all over it. Coming into this year, not many people are taking the Jets seriously. That seems to be when the Jets play their best though. The Titans will really need to focus and not overlook their opponent in this game. Fortunately, the Titans are up to the task and take over this game on the ground to cruise to 9-3 on the season.

Week 14: VS Jacksonville Jaguars 8:20 PM

Yet another primetime game for the Titans. The Titans have merely had the Jaguars number of late, well actually since they came into the NFL. In this game, the Titans are going to continue to pound the rock against Jacksonville. Unfortunately, the Titans fail to cease the moment and fall to Jacksonville 22-20. The Titans miss a prime opportunity here to really gain control of the division with a sweep of Jacksonville. The Titans fall to 9-4 with a road test coming up against the New York Giants.

Week 15: @ New York Giants 1 PM

Coming off a devastating loss to the Jaguars, the Titans get a feisty Giants squad. The Giants suffered a multitude of key injuries last season. This undoubtedly contributed to them having the second-worst record in the NFL. If healthy, the Giants have a recipe for success. Odell Beckham is almost impossible to cover 1-on-1, and Saquon is set up for a huge year. I have the Giants taking this one 31-21 as the Titans really struggle to bounce back from Jacksonville. That’s two losses in a row, and the Titans are now sitting at 9-5.

Week 16: VS Washington Redskins 1 PM

The Redskins lost their franchise quarterback in the offseason. However, they did acquire Alex Smith via trade to take over. Smith is going to face a big adjustment, coming from a team with bonafide studs, to a team with none. Jordan Reed’s health is going to be a significant factor in Smith’s success in Washington. The Titans are in a funk and are apparently starting to doubt themselves. They drop a third consecutive game by a score of 20-16. The Titans fall to 9-6 and find themselves in a must-win week 17 game.

Week 17: VS Indianapolis Colts 1 PM

The Titans have dropped 3 games in a row, and really need to figure out what’s going on. Lucky for them, they get the Colts for their season finale. They come out firing on all cylinders against the Colts and get back into the win column. Finishing up the season at 10-6 while being 4-2 in the division is not bad. It’s an improvement from last season, but they still left food on the table. I think 10-6 is good enough to win the division this season, and that’s what Tennessee is going to do.

Season Summary:

The Titans finish up the season at 10-6, obviously a disappointment in hindsight due to their fantastic start. This team is young, and they will only get better from here. What do you think of their season, from my point of view? What do you agree and disagree with? Buckle up Titans fans, it’s going to be a fun ride. #TitanUp







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