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As the buildup to the NFL Regular Season continues to roll on, we will take a look at the Kansas City Chiefs roster and try to project who will make the team. The most important position in the NFL is the quarterback, so we will start with our predictions with the Chiefs quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks on the current rosterPatrick Mahomes, Chad Henne, Matt McGloin, Chase Litton

From the moment Kansas City selected Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Chiefs and their fans have been chomping at the bit to see him take the starting job. In these dog days of the NFL offseason, fans are having a difficult time waiting. The Mahomes hype is extremely high, yet it seems to grow with every passing day. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Fans have waited long enough for a Chiefs quarterback that Kansas City drafted to turn this franchise around.

In his rookie season, Mahomes sat behind Alex Smith and absorbed all the nuances of being an NFL quarterback from him. Smith was traded to Washington in the offseason, despite having arguably his best season yet. The time has come and Mahomes is the top guy in red and gold heading into his sophomore season. Will it be a perfect season for Mahomes? No, but we know from film, comments from others, and his debut against Denver last season what is in store. Everyone is just ready to watch him play.

The Backups

Chad Henne and Matt McGloin are who I project to be the Chiefs quarterbacks backing up Mahomes. They both beat out Chase Litton mainly because of the veteran presence they both possess.

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Henne had backed up Blake Bortles in Jacksonville over the last four seasons. Meanwhile, McGloin has already spent time on an AFC West depth chart with the Raiders, before joining the Eagles and Texans rosters last season.

“I’m more than happy to help and make sure Patrick is ready to go and be the most prepared quarterback in the league,” Henne stated after signing with the Chiefs. Henne has been around the NFL since he was with Miami in 2008, so he brings in enough knowledge to help Mahomes out. Due to injuries and bad quarterback play, McGloin has been thrown into the fire before in his career, so he can help Mahomes feel more comfortable as well.

As for Chase Litton, I feel like he is capable of being a backup quarterback in the NFL. It’s just that currently, the other two backups seem to hold more value on the roster. Looking at Litton’s film, he will likely be picked up by another team after the preseason concludes.   When scouting quarterbacks, the player’s arm is the main focus. There is not much wrong with Litton’s accuracy and arm strength, as his throwing motion looks very natural. This allows him to have a leg up, so to speak, when jumping into a new offense. Litton also proves that he is capable of making quick decisions after receiving the snap. The release time of his throws and his ability to carry out swift play actions are some plusses as well. All of this to say that it would be a little surprising to see Litton go unsigned.

Final Depth Chart: 1) Patrick Mahomes 2) Chad Henne 3) Matt McGloin

Chad Henne is the main backup due to him possessing the most experience in the quarterback room. Andy Reid has a history of strong tutelage with young quarterbacks, and Henne would have a coach-like feel in the room. Also, he has played well enough throughout his career that if Henne would need to play at all, he could be trusted.

That leaves Matt McGloin as the third string quarterback. His play is not the main reason that he doesn’t get the primary backup job. Simply, McGloin does not have the mentorship credentials that were mentioned of Henne.

That is my projection of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks for 2018. Next time, we will take a look at the Chiefs running backs and project those who will make the roster. Also, remember to check out Full Press Coverage for great sports content.

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