The New Orleans Saints saw great success last Monday Night against an improved Washington Redskins team, and Drew Brees became the NFL’s all-time career passing leader. The Saints rumbled out 447 total yards of offense and featured the return of running back Mark Ingram to help compliment Alvin Kamara.

The Saints threw a new wrinkle out on film that I need to point out. Check out this play that I found to enlighten you for the upcoming week.

Play: 3rd quarter, 14:23

2nd and 7 from the New Orleans 29. Saints lead 26-13. 

Alvin Kamara has been a star and a stud while Mark Ingram has sat due to suspension. Against the Giants, he put out huge numbers, including the hat trick with three touchdown runs.

We all know that head coach Sean Payton is a strategic genius. He understands that the Redskins will be keying into Kamara to try and limit his impact in the game.

This formation, Kamara lined up at the bottom of the screen as a receiver and comes in motion across the formation. Mark Ingram is in the backfield as the running back, and it’s a run formation, strong-side being the bottom of the screen.

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The idea is to draw the eyes of the defense to Kamara, who the Redskins are going to do everything in their power to contain. Since he get’s all of that attention, Sean Payton draws him up to the top of the picture, setting up for a screen pass. Mark Ingram leaks out to that side as though he is the lead blocker.

On the other side of the formation, tight end Josh Hill leaks out to the other side, unnoticed by the defense. Rookie wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith runs a slant inside to set a block on the linebacker.

What Happened?

Drew Brees isn’t just the all time NFL passing yards leader. He’s not just a guy who puts up big numbers in a pass happy offense. He’s a quarterback. He knows how to play the position.

Playing the quarterback position is so much more then just throwing a ball to a receiver. It’s setting the receiver up for success with a great throw, or maybe a sell to move a defender out of place.

In this case, Brees looks off the defense, turning to Kamara and Ingrams side to help sell the screen. Then, all of a sudden, he floats the ball over the crashing defense to a wide open Hill who rumbles down the sideline for a huge gain.

This is using a player to his strengths without giving him the football. The defense knows how effective Kamara is in space and swarms to stop him, and then opens a wide open play on the other side of the field. Brees sells it, goes completely to the other side of the field and gets a bug play out of it that set up the second touchdown throw to Smith.

Alvin Kamara is truly special.

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