It’s a tried and tested fact: sports fans love video games that include their favorite teams. Sports simulation games such as the Madden NFL and NBA 2K franchises allow people to take control of talented players as they shoot, pass, and run for fame and glory. But why should the video game sports tie-ins stop there? 

Sports offer plenty of opportunities for more video game tie-ins, giving players more opportunities to interact and engage with the teams, players and hobbies that they love so much.

Why Sports Team Slots Make Sense 

Online slots based on sports teams are a good idea because they just make sense; tie-in slots are known to do well. As explained by the editors on the about page, some of their most well-loved slot games include tie-in slots of DC and Marvel comic superheroes, including The Dark Knight themed slot. These slots have been a hit with players because they use symbols that they are already familiar with, giving players a new way to appreciate these settings. The same could be done with sports where there are logos, trophies, and mascots that would make for perfect slots fare.

Which Teams Would Make the Best Slots?

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If official sports team slot tie-ins were to be developed, there could be a huge amount of variety. Soccer may be a smart choice because it has a built-in fan base. 3.4 billion people are estimated to have watched the FIFA World Cup, leading to $6 billion in revenue. These viewers are all potential players and these figures indicate a willingness to spend. 

Teams such as Manchester United and the other teams in the English Premier League (e.g Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester City) all command massive fanbases. It would be a smart option to make slots of these teams first.

The social media followings of the leading NHL teams also show that fans are willing to follow the sport and their favorite teams in any way that they can. According to Statista’s report, the Chicago Blackhawks has the most Facebook followers of any NHL team, with 2.91 million people keeping up with the team’s latest updates. With a memorable logo and a longstanding history (it was one of the original six NHL teams), there’s plenty of material to make a gaming tie-in.

At this point, it’s unclear whether any of the teams mentioned have plans to get into the online slots industry. But it’s clear that there is significant potential here, should they take the chance.


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