2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Delvon Randall

Position: Safety

School: Temple University

Height: 6’

Weight: 215 pounds

Round Projection: Fourth



While Randall will not blur across the field, he brings intelligent burst to the first. That is to say, he does not use any false steps. For instance, Randall keeps the play in front of him, by decisively driving towards the ball. Meanwhile, Randall throws himself into the run game,arriving to the play at the point of contact. In addition, Randall’s body control allows him to breakdown in the open field and not overrun the play. Consequently, Randall breaks on the ball fairly well.


Normally, safeties occasionally struggle with the nuance and finer points of the passing game. However, Randall uses instincts to dissect and react pass plays. From his safety spot, Randall reads the route after separation. After, he anticipates and rightfully makes the correct move on the play. Regardless of route, short, intermediate, or deep, Randall flies to the action. In addition, Randall’s presence helps the corner.

Ball Skills

Ironically, Randall tallied eleven interceptions and eleven deflections. If you consider Randall’s picks, watch his approach. First,Randall highpoints the ball, next, there is no bobble or double catch. If Randall cannot secure the interception, he will ensure that no one catches the ball by knocking it away. With Randall, despite lacking phenomenal athleticism,his timing and nose for the ball sets him apart. Moreover, Randall’s concentration allows him to snatch passes.


Although Randall arrives at the play, he needs to refine his technique. As a result, he gets the ballcarrier to the ground. Yet, he needs to drive through the target. In return, the play ends sooner. On the contrary, Randall will use force to drill opponents. However, he remains mindful of the location of the strike. Under a strong position coach, look for an improvement with this aspect of Randall’s game.

Raiders Fit

As mentioned in other profiles, the Raiders lack quality safeties. In Paul Guenther’s defense, safety play is of utmost importance. Yet,they struggle to employ talent. Randall would bring the Raiders a safety with draft value that brings instincts and sure hands. Additionally, Randall fits into any scheme. Eleven picks from his spot makes that point irrefutable. In the AFC West, teams often test and defeat the recent crop of Raiders defensive backs. Randall will provide immediate support to the corners, instead of leaving them out to dry.

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