It’s the final week of the NFL regular season.  For some this is a bittersweet week.  It marks the end of a long, frustrating season ending without a playoff berth.  For others, their seasons are on the line or have already secured a spot in the playoffs.  The Titans have the unique position of this being a long, frustrating season that can still end with a playoff berth.  Sunday Night Football is featuring a win and in matchup in Tennessee as the red-hot Colts invade Smashville.  The equally red-hot Titans are looking to survive and advance.

Home Field Advantage?

Smashville is going to be rocking this weekend.  The Titans certainly appear to be a better team when at home.  With a 6-1 home record that certainly appears to be the case.  It’s hard to argue with 6-1, but just how big of an advantage do the Titans have at home?

A closer look at the home road number splits show just how much better the Titans play in Nashville.  At home the Titans score an average of 25.4 points per game while scoring 16.1 points per game.

The Titans offense certainly appears to be more efficient at home.  Tennessee has run 400 offensive plays at home and 493 plays on the road.  With a 9.3 point per game swing on 93 less plays, Tennessee certainly appear to have a significant home field advantage.

A closer look at the offensive production shows the Titans rush for 4.6 yards per attempt at home while 4.2 yards per attempt on the road.  The passing game shows a similar increase in effectiveness, averaging 7.5 yards per attempt as opposed to 6.3 yards per attempt.

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Colts Just Luck-y vs the Titans?

It’s no secret that Andrew Luck has owned the Titans.  In fact, 10-0 suggests more than owning.  The phrase who’s your daddy comes to mind.  Now to be fair, none of the Titans teams that went against Andrew Luck in the past.  Still, even though it was at Lucas Oil Stadium, Luck dominated the Titans 38-10.

Against the Colts, Luck has completed 204/323 passes for 2,650 yards and 18 touchdowns and eight picks.  That’s an average of 20.4/32.3 passes for 265 yards and 1.8 touchdowns and 0.8 picks.  In the five road contests, Luck has had to come from behind to win each game.  Is Luck due for another one this season?


Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota was banged up in his last game against the Redskins.  It has been highly speculative whether or not Mariota will go Sunday night.  After a vote of confidence from offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, it looks like Mariota is in line to play.

Mariota plays a great, gutsy game against the Colts.  Derrick Henry and Dion Lewis will be an effective duo in the backfield.  It still won’t be enough.  Luck will lead an incredible late game drive to break the Titans hearts once again.

Colts 24 Titans 20

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