2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jace Sternberger

Position: Tight End

School: Texas A&M University

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 251 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3



At the next level, Sternberger needs to work on his hands while blocking. Too often, defenders will easily shed or slip the block attempt. Sternberger needs to drive the block and make firmer contact without sacrificing any leverage or balance.


When watching Sternberger, his ability to change direction remains surprising. For instance, during an out, he will sell the seam, but suddenly stutter off to the sideline. Additionally, he finds the soft spot in a zone, sitting down, giving the quarterback an easy throw. Route running remains his best asset, by far. The nuance and


In part, due to superior route running, Sternberger makes catches appear easier. Away from his body, the former standout will open the catch radius, without any fear of being hit.

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Granted, no one will confuse Sternberger for a burner, streaking by linebackers. However, the explosion resides in the immediate burst off the snap. The former Aggie does not waste time, putting heat on the defender to cover through the entire route. In the open field, Sternberger is more a rambler. Yet, he will garner attention from linebackers.


During his brief career in College Station, Sternberger displayed good power with the chip. Before running a route, watch him drive the shoulder into the rusher, standing him straight up, stopping the momentum.

Raiders Fit

With the Saints signing away Jared Cook, the Raiders need to replace him. Granted, the team does employ four others. However, Sternberger could immediately step into the starting role. Darren Waller possesses outstanding speed, but questionable blocking. Smith, Butler, and Carrier are primarily blockers/special teamers. As a result, no defense should ever account for them within a gameplan. Derek Carr, by extension, Jon Gruden knows they need a threat from the tight end slot. The middle of the field will present opportunities. With Sternberger, the Raiders take pressure off the wideouts. In the run game, Sternberger can hold his own blocking the defensive end. The Raiders need a starting tight end. With all due respect, to the depth chart, the Raiders need help at tight end.

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