In fantasy football, quarterbacks are the most important position whether you agree with me or not. They easily score the most for your teams and are the most capable player on your roster of winning the game for you. That makes the quarterback draft strategy incredibly important.

    Many people still believe it is alright to wait and draft a quarterback until after they draft the rest of their skill positions. Sure, there are will always be serviceable options later in the draft, but the difference between Patrick Mahomes and Kirk Cousins could make or break your fantasy football season. There is nothing wrong with reaching and drafting the quarterback you want to lead your team to the championship a few rounds earlier than you should.

Here’s how my rankings shape up.

  1. Andrew Luck
  2. Patrick Mahomes
  3. Deshaun Watson
  4. Aaron Rodgers
  5. Carson Wentz
  6. Matt Ryan
  7. Russell Wilson
  8. Baker Mayfield
  9. Tom Brady
  10. Mitch Trubisky
  11. Drew Brees
  12. Cam Newton
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo
  14. Lamar Jackson
  15. Jared Goff
  16. Josh Allen
  17. Kyler Murray
  18. Ben Roethlisberger
  19. Philip Rivers
  20. Jameis Winston
  21. Dak Prescott
  22. Derek Carr
  23. Kirk Cousins
  24. Sam Darnold
  25. Marcus Mariota

    There are very few quarterbacks on this list that I would be disappointed in drafting, however, the big difference is that there are also very few quarterbacks on this list who I would want starting for my team each and every week.

The Top 10

    There are a lot of good choices when it comes to drafting a quarterback this season, but not many stand out as quarterbacks who can change the course of your season. Most of these guys can.

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    First, I will address the top spot. Yes, I believe that Andrew Luck, when healthy, is the second most important player in the NFL, only behind Tom Brady. There is no other player who can help a team win, but also help their team lose like Luck. The entire Colts season lies on his shoulders, which, in 2019, should be a good thing. For the first time, I like who surrounds him and I believe he will be much more confident in the pocket and will have more options than ever.

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    After Luck, you cannot go wrong with Mahomes, Watson, Rodgers, Wentz, Ryan, or Wilson. If I could go into a game with one of the top seven as my starting quarterback, I would be feeling pretty good. Watson will bounce back in year three and Rodgers should as well. Wentz is an MVP candidate when healthy while Ryan and Wilson have been incredibly consistent recently. It’s when you see Baker Mayfield when you start to wonder if these are the quarterbacks who can win you your league.

    Just behind Mayfield, there’s Tom Brady, and I would feel pretty good with him as my starting quarterback. However, Mayfield is another story. Sure, I ranked him ahead of Brady, but that is because of his incredible upside and his innumerable amounts of options. I am not sure if I could draft Mayfield to be my QB1. However, if he could be my QB2, I would walk away from the draft feeling like just won the league.

    Mitch Trubisky, to which I am sure to your surprise, is my number ten. I believe this is the year Trubisky becomes an MVP candidate and leads a shaky Bears offense far into the playoffs. Maybe later into draft season, he will fall in my rankings. For now, he will stay there.

The Rest

    There are very few quarterbacks left who could excite me. I believe Jimmy Garoppolo will finish as a QB1 in most leagues and Jared Goff, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson also have that upside. However, everybody else on the list has their flaws.

    Cam Newton is probably the biggest head scratcher. Coming off surgery, especially arm surgery for a quarterback, I am incredibly concerned. I think there is a big chance Newton outplays my ranking for him, but it is important to be safe, especially with your top quarterback.

    Drew Brees is likely another one. It has been no secret that the emergence of the Saints backfield has brought Brees’ numbers down and I find it hard to have confidence in him week-to-week.

    Aside from the six I mentioned above, the rest of the quarterbacks are all backup options or players you should look to add on the waiver wire. They should not be the ones you depend on from week to week.

    More than most years, I would suggest overpaying for a quarterback and drafting your favorite before the 6th round. If you can land any of the Top 7, I would walk away from the draft feeling very confident.

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