Atlanta Falcon’s head coach Dan Quinn gambled on himself this season after firing all of his coordinators and taking on more responsibility. After starting 1-5, there is nobody to blame but Quinn. The changes have not appeared to work in his favor and he may be paying for it at the bye in week 9.

Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, has not been one to fire a head coach mid-season but a report from Ian Rapoport says otherwise:

According to people familiar with Blank’s thinking, the owner wants to see progress over the next three weeks before the Week 9 bye or changes could come, with Quinn among them. Traditionally, Blank does not embrace midseason coaching changes. Despite the slow start to this season, the philosophy of judging at the end of the season is still the preferred approach.

Things do need to change. As talented of a football team that the Falcons have, there is no reason for the poor start that has accumulated. Dan Quinn has done some great things for the city of Atlanta and brought hope back to the city when it seemed lost.

Time is running out. A lost season can’t be salvaged by hope.

Change is coming.

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