Come February 2, 2020, in the Hard Rock Stadium, the Super Bowl 54 will begin. Fans will be joining the fun of watching the two best teams duke it out to see who’s superior. However, seeing the game unfold will not be the only event fans will partake.

For veteran bettors out there, the Super Bowl is an event where you can either lose all your money or come out richer than before. Everyone will be in on the fun, from newbies trying their luck for the first time, to the seasoned bettors who join this event annually.

While knowledgeable patrons are more inclined to bet on the spread and total, there are countless bets that novices can cash in regardless of their experience and abilities.

One of those is prop bets.

What are Super Bowl Proposition Bets?

A prop bet is a wager that doesn’t outright relate to what the outcome of the game may be. Instead of betting on which team will win the game, total score, or point spread, you could bet on things like how many yards a specific player will rush in, or how many touchdowns will a quarterback toss.

The charm of Super Bowl prop bets is its ingenuity, as you can bet on little things that people wouldn’t normally consider a bet. It’s so much fun because of the randomness of the bet, like what color of the Gatorade would be thrown at the winning coach’s head or the result of the coin toss at the beginning of the match.

Coin Toss

Before the beginning of a match, a coin flip will take place to determine the possession of the ball. The ‘coin toss prop’ as most people call it is one of the most popular bets out there. To partake in this event, you will have to bet on what side the coin will fall, whether it will be heads or tails. Either way, each side has a 50/50 chance of winning.

National Anthem

For every sporting event, including the Super Bowl, the Star-Spangled Banner will be performed by a particular singer. Usually, bettors will bet on the length of time the anthem will be sung or whether a singer will miss or forget a word.


When a specific player dominated the game on all four quarters, the MVP award will be given to him after the game is over. Usually, this award is given on the quarterback of the winning team, which happened 29 times.

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Quarterbacks don’t always get the award though, as wide receivers also got the award seven times. Not only that, running backs got the award six times, and the linebackers got MVP four times.

Halftime Show

The halftime show offers a breather from the intensity of the game. Also, we can watch performers do an excellent performance to put on some entertainment while the teams are resting. Some even watch the Super Bowl just to watch their favorite artists sing their signature songs. Halftime show props let you bet on the show itself like betting the color of the singer’s shirt, or will the artist appear on the stage with a hat.

For example, last year on the Super Bowl, bettors made a wager on the chances of Lady Gaga performing her song Born this Way and if Christina Aguilera will appear during the halftime show. Another example would also be a bet on what song the group Maroon 5 will sing first during their time in the halftime.

Gatorade Shower

One of the most enduring traditions of the NFL Super Bowl is dumping Gatorade on the winning coach’s head. An entire vat of icy cold Gatorade will be dumped on the coach’s head as a celebration after winning the match. It is not just a tradition as you can also bet on the color of the Gatorade used.

Running Back

A team makes it to the Super Bowl for a reason; they are the best in the league. With a good rushing attack, the ball will advance significantly in the field even without passing. When talking about offense, critical players in the running back will be up for betting, and they will almost always involve known players such as Sony Michel or Todd Gurley.


The Super Bowl props mentioned above are just some of the props you can bet on during the NFL Super Bowl. Of course, there is more to them than just the simple explanation each one of them has.

Super Bowl betting lines can be complicated if you are a beginner, but if you are looking to have some fun without the proper knowledge, Super Bowl props are your go-to betting lines. No matter what you prop you bet on, the results will be released as the action occurred. In other words, once you got the outcome of the bet, it will automatically be updated. With that said, happy hunting.

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