WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS A.J. Green

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green has had a rough go lately. He missed all of the 2019 season due to an ankle/foot injury.

WR Duel: Albert Wilson VS Jamison Crowder

In a pivotal week 10 and week 12 matchup between two divisional teams, Miami's Albert Wilson and New York's Jamison Crowder will go head to head.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Breshad Perriman

If Breshad Perriman falters and can't carry a No. 1 tag, he’ll open the door to rookie Denzel Mims who was drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp’s catch percentage has never dipped below the 66-percent mark, and in 2019, he eclipsed the 70-percent threshold. 

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins will likely take a target/catch cut with the talent loaded around him in Arizona, but his numbers should still set him apart from everyone.

WR Duel: Preston Williams VS Larry Fitzgerald

The title of this article alone raises eyebrows. How can you compare the Miami Dolphins’ Preston Williams to NFL legend Larry Fitzgerald?

WR Duel: Preston Williams VS Robert Woods

Miami's Preston Williams and L.A.'s Robert Woods will go head-to-head as both teams look to gain momentum going into the second half of the season.

WR Duel: Preston Williams VS Mike Williams

Both Williams’ have similar playing styles as both are at least six-foot, four-inches, giving them the ability to jump above others and win the 50/50 balls.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen had 32 more receptions than DeVante Parker, but Parker had three more yards and three more TDs than Allen. Both play unique team roles.

WR Duel: Preston Williams VS Jerry Jeudy

On the flip side, Jerry Jeudy should become one of quarterback Drew Lock’s favorite weapons to throw to, while Preston Williams is already known in Miami.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Courtland Sutton

Wide receiver Courtland Sutton will be heading into his third NFL season while WR DeVante Parker who will be going into his sixth NFL season. 

WR Duel: Albert Wilson VS Kendrick Bourne

Albert Wilson could have the better day of the two simply because he’s more likely than Kendrick Bourne to be on the field.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Deebo Samuel

DeVante Parker's stats clearly differ from Deebo Samuel, seeing that he had 15 more receptions, three more touchdowns and nearly 250 more yards.

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS Tyler Lockett

The starting wide receiver matchup for this game will feature Tyler Lockett against 2019 home-team breakout star DeVante Parker. 

WR Duel: DeVante Parker VS D.J. Chark

A battle of No. 1 wide receivers will take place on a national stage when DeVante Parker and the Dolphins visit D.J. Chark and the Jaguars.

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