It’s funny how it all comes back to the New York Jets, isn’t it? Even when the team works to quietly rebuild and improve, the headlines always seem to circle back.

What am I referring to you may ask? Well two former Jets, who were once standouts within the organization for opposing reasons, are back in the headlines today.

Those Jets? Geno Smith and Darrelle Revis, who are now both being tossed back into the NFL spotlight following some interesting shifts in both of their careers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the situations, let’s start with Revis.

Darrelle Revis Makes His Return

Last week, the former standout cornerback made waves when he announced his return to the NFL by signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. The news became all that more intriguing when it was determined that he would be facing the team that drafted him, the New York Jets.

It was and still is big news simply because the corner will be looking for redemption after a poor showing in his last stint with New York. As a veteran corner, Revis will be looking to ignite an old flame and support a struggling Chiefs secondary that is looking to make the playoffs.

Geno Smith Faces Pressure of NY Market…Again

Now, changing conferences and very different team situations, the New York Giants have announced the benching of franchise quarterback Eli Manning. How does this pertain to the Jets? Well, filling in for Eli is former Gang Green quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith has had quite the roller coaster career despite being so young and malleable. As a New York Jet, he had more dismal moments than pivotal ones, including a time where he was punched in the face by a teammate, leading to some not-so great media attention. Now, he is being thrown back into a high pressure situation in New York by ending Manning’s streak of 210 consecutive quarterback starts.

The Jets’ relationship with both Smith and Revis seems long and gone, but it’s hard to ignore the lasting stain they both left on the franchise.

Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Unfortunately for the Jets, the headlines will continue to reflect back on them, for the better or worse. As both Smith and Revis get tossed back into the pressured spotlight, many will be keeping a close eye on the performances they bring to the table.

If they shine in their return, what does that say about the Jets and their internal development of players? It could make sense to assume that the Jets system was flawed in achieving the utmost potential from them. That stigma may very well be floating around already when looking back at Revis’ return to New York after winning a Super Bowl with New England. There was immediate decline, and as much as that may say about a players’ work ethic, it also inevitably reflects badly on the Jets’ team culture.

However, there is likely a better chance that both Smith and Revis flop in their recurring debuts. Revis’ most recent struggles seem to stem from his climbing age along with his off field issues, while Geno has continually failed to handle the pressure of being a starting quarterback in the New York market.

If that is indeed the case that occurs, the Jets front office can rest a bit easier. Cutting the ties with the two potential stars may not seem so regrettable if they do not play outstandingly, especially since a solid quarterback and corner are atop the Jets most needed current positions.

Time will be the most reliable teller. The Jets will take their shot at slashing Revis’ confidence this weekend into their own hands in their tilt against Kansas City on Sunday. As for Geno, the Jets should be keen on how productive he is among a shallow offense. While seeing Geno be Geno could be somewhat pleasant to the eye, that glimmer could come back to haunt the Jets if the Giants indeed take a future franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft.

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