The Bears are once again in a familiar spot but this time it feels a bit different. For the last few years December’s meant nothing to Bear fans but draft positioning and unfortunately we’re back again in the same spot as years past. But here’s where things change, The Bears finally look like they’re going somewhere, They look like they’re a season off from really competing, They have a strong run game, a rookie quarterback going into his 2nd year who has tons of potential and a defense that’s promising So where do they go from here, Let’s break it down.

Fire John Fox
The Bears will need to make a change at head coach and let’s hope they move fast. Most likely Pace stays, so it’ll be his job to find the right guy. Don’t expect any in-house promotion. Fangio is good but not a head coach. Loggains is a joke.

New Coach Pete Carmichael Jr
Carmichael Jr has been with the saints for a long time and the Saints offense has been good for a long time. Carmichael Jr coached Drew Brees from the moment he left San Diego by trade. Carmichael deserves a shot at being a coach and I think Bears would be smart to give him that chance. Pace also knows him from his days in New Orleans. Who better to Coach a young Quarterback than one who helped Drew Brees become Drew Brees

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Wide Receiver
Look for and hope that Bears General Manager Ryan Pace moves fast this year. The Bears need all the help they can get for this two-year quarterback and a new coach. Look for Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry and Davante Adams to be big targets. The Bears have to get one of these guys if they want to compete.

I would absolutely love for Bears to get Trumaine Johnson from the Rams. If Bears can pull that off and get one more solid Corner in either the draft or Free agency the Bears second biggest need would be filled.

Tackle Position
Massie needs to go. Trubisky’s been hit more than I’d like to admit. My hope is they sign Nate Solder and move Leno over to Right Tackle. Solder isn’t exactly the best talent but he get’s the job done.

NFL Draft: 1st Round Courtland Sutton
At 6’4 and 216 pounds Sutton could be the Receiver the Bears need. In his last two seasons at SMU Sutton has 138 receptions, 2,363 yards and 23 touchdowns (1 rushing). If Bears can grab Sutton and Allen/Robinson/Adams, they’d be set for a big run into the playoffs.

Although the 2017 season still has 5 weeks left the Bears 2018 offseason is already starting. Let’s see if Pace can make a name for himself and finally fix the Bears.

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