In a brutal Week 14 loss to Denver Broncos, a load of mistakes were made by the New York Jets. With that being said, there were very few positives for the team. They were the favorite to win this game, but ultimately failed to show up. Before this loss, the Jets had a glimmer of hope on making the playoffs, and now that glimmer is all but dead.

The blame can be spread out among the various units, from parts of the offense and defense, to the coaching staff. But looking deeper at where the majority of it falls or doesn’t can be crucial to analyzing the rest of the season for the Jets.


Demario Davis

Arguably, Demario Davis was the only winner for the Jets after the ugly loss. He had one of his best games of the season with 12 tackles (10 of those tackles were solo). He’s been consistent all season and I fully expect him to be apart of the Pro Bowl.

Demario has improved much after returning from the Cleveland Browns in the Calvin Pryor trade. He’s improved from 99 tackles (59 of them being solo) to 109 tackles (81 of them being solo). In Week 14 Demario was by far the best player on the field for the Jets.

Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye

The young duo, like usual, played good. They especially played really well in coverage, playing there for 61 snaps only having three targets allowing two catches for five yards.

These two safeties have been really good in coverage the whole season. On the day they combined for nine tackles with eight of them being solo. Adams and Marcus Maye also made some nice plays in run defense. Each of the rookie safeties careers are off to a good start and they look like they grow and learn each and every week.

Another Winner

When the game was over


Morris Claiborne

Some season it has been for ex-Cowboys cornerback. But in Week 14, Morris had the worst game of his career. He was letting Demaryius Thomas walk all over him like he was 2016 Darrelle Revis.

For the first Broncos touchdown, Morris was all over Thomas and he never turned his head around which lead to Thomas being able to catch the 20 yard pass for a touchdown. We can not put the whole blame of the Jets loss on Morris because it was a team effort, but we can sure put a piece of it on him.

The Offensive Line

The most inconsistent part of the Jets team had a brutal game against the Von Miller lead Broncos defense. The offense needs the line to hold up to kickstart the drive and when it doesn’t hold up, the Jets offense doesn’t do that well.

Only having a total of 59 rushing yards and 60 passing yards on the day, which is pretty, pretty bad, the Jets probably could’ve had more passing yards if Josh McCown didn’t go out of the game twice. McCown was facing constant pressure when he was in the game, which led the running attack with nothing to  work with. The offensive line was a huge part in the loss.

With the 23-0 loss to the Broncos, the Jets playoff chances are basically officially done. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see them win. Now for Week 15, they get a matchup against the high powered New Orleans Saints. The Jets, if they play smart, can hang in there and possibly have a chance to beat the the Drew Brees lead team.

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