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With the holidays approaching, members of the Buffalo Bills got in the holiday spirit and gave back to the community in various ways. Players like Eric Wood, LeSean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor and John Miller are giving back to the community in someway.

Wood is known for being a community guy that represents the city of Buffalo in a great way. For this year, he is inviting his teammates to shop for children that are battling illnesses for the holidays. The plan is to buy gifts to make these times for families that are going through some sort of tough time.

In addition to Wood, McCoy will be hosting a Christmas Party at a YMCA for children.  On top of leading this event, McCoy will also be sponsoring families along with giving presents for children.

Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who has been involved in events like this since his days as a member of the Baltimore Ravens will be partnering with United Way and helping many families in the Buffalo area and deliver gifts. Taylor has been helping with families for years now and is looking to continue the tradition that he has.

Offensive guard for the Bills John Miller will be taking children to a Target to shop for Christmas gifts.

Also, former Bills punter Brian Moorman still works with Buffalo with a foundation that helps children that are battling cancer. The foundation that Moorman is apart of runs an event that allows people to donate some type of donation whether it is money or a gift that will be then given to the children who have cancer along with their families.

The Bills are showing that they are more than just a football team, but that they care about the community and the people in it. They aren’t just focused on the games, but also making sure that they give back to the fans that are supporting them through the good games, bad games and the tough weather up in Buffalo.


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