As of right now, the Buffalo Bills offense does not appear to be a threat to any opposing defense in the league. Their biggest weapon is running back LeSean McCoy but the team can only run the ball for so long before they need to pass.

To start off, there is no official quarterback. A.J. McCarron and Nathan Peterman are the only active quarterbacks on the roster and either one could win the starting job. The Bills have been named as a team that should move up into the draft to get one of the four top quarterbacks, but the Bills also have other holes to fill on offense.

If the Bills decide to stick with their 12th pick, a player that could be available is Calvin Ridley from the University of Alabama.

The Bills wide receiving core is weak. Very weak. They have their main guy in Kelvin Benjamin, but who’s after that? There is Zay Jones, but he better fits the slot position rather than the #2 receiver spot. Jordan Matthews is more than likely not coming back. Deonte Thompson signed with the Dallas Cowboys and the team missed out on improving the depth.

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If Ridley falls to #12, Brandon Beane should really consider taking him. He would not only provide as a potential starter from day one, but it also brings up the depth just a bit. Even if the Bills decided to take this route, but still wanted to get a quarterback after this pick, Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph could very well fall to #22, the second first round pick held by the Bills.

In three years at Alabama, Ridley caught the ball for 2,781 yards and 19 touchdowns off of 224 receptions.

At 6’0″, Ridley is an excellent route runner and makes plays in the open field. Once the Bills get their QB situation established, and if they were to get Ridley through the draft, at least Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane can provide weapons for their quarterback going into Week 1.


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