Raiders Lend Helping Hand In Community

Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin

The Raiders must endure a brutal 2017. However, with all of the struggle, this unit stayed cohesive and never lost sight of what really matters. Tis’ the season to realize it is not all about football, but also helping . The Raiders personify that mentality, especially during the holidays.

The most obvious example is the Raiders Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee. Bruce Irvin established a football camp for the last three years, but he also attends teammates’ camps on a regular basis. In addition, he regularly volunteers at Alameda County Community’s Food Bank Pantry. Plus, he visits patients at the Oakland UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Oakland native Marshawn Lynch remains a fixture in  The Town, especially helping Oakland youth with his Fam 1st Family Foundation. Started in 2011, helping underprivileged youth get a chance at succeeding where they otherwise wouldn’t receive one. Earlier this summer, Lynch provided free haircuts to kids who provided their report cards with good grades attached at his Beast Mode store  He gave  backpacks at Oakland Tech for back to school night in August, and donated 2,000 free tickets to a local waterpark in the summer. Lynch is more than a football player to those close to him. Behind the hardened exterior lays the huge heart of a man who uses his profession to help spread goodwill year-round.

In addition, Michael Crabtree  started the Crab 5 foundation, which distributes toys at his old school in Texas. Quarterback Derek Carr became the highest paid player in the league briefly. Before his new contract, Carr stays heavily involved in charities. His son spent some time at Valley Children’s Hospital, a hospital to which Carr donates  time and money to help children in need.

Again, during the holidays, charitable actions see attention. Throughout the year, the Raiders organization as a dedicates time and resources to specific causes and charities. Coach Jack Del Rio held a Bocce tournament earlier in the year for charity in which players and coaches attended.

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During the holiday season people need more help  but the Raiders never stop caring and lending a hand. It is always great to see the more fortunate help out the less fortunate, and the Raiders are no exception.

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