The Jaguars have defeated the Bills during an interesting wildcard game. The Jaguars are now advancing to play the Steelers in the AFC divisional round. Will the Jaguars continue down the right path to get to Minnesota?

The Offense

With Blake Bortles only managing 87 yards and one touchdown pass the whole game, It’s interesting to think how he will survive the next round. The game was 3-3 all the way up until the second half. The offense seemed to have a lot of struggles. Leornard Fournette only had 57 yards and 3 receptions. You know it’s an interesting game when Bortles is your leading rusher. He had ten carries for 88 yards and converted many third downs. As a whole, the offense for both teams were very weak.

Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor went down with a bad concussion. He ended up being taken to the locker room for further evaluation. This left rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman to take over and lead the comeback drive for the Bills. That drive ended with Jalen Ramsey’s super clutch interception. This means Peterman now has thrown six interceptions in his first two games.

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The Defense

This was a very defensive game from both teams. As you can tell, there was only 13 points scored total. Ramsey was able to seal the game with an amazing interception in the final minutes of the game. Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith was all over the field making tackles, like usual. If they can keep this up for and play the same they did today versus a very dominant Steelers offense then they have a chance to win next weekend.

What Next Week Will Bring

The Jaguars have a lot of work to do if they want to beat the Steelers next week. Bortles was very nervous in the pocket and kept questioning himself. I think the more playoff experience he gets, the more confrontable he will be. If he can stay poised and calm next weekend and can move down the field then the game will be leaning in the Jaguars favor.

Earlier this season the Jaguars beat the Steelers in a game where the defense didn’t allow a single Steelers touchdown. The biggest part of that game was the five interceptions Big Ben threw. If the Jaguars can force turnovers like they did that game then they have a good chance to win next weekend.

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