Dwayne Haskins is the center of attention around the Jaguars and he seems to be the player to draft. From mock draft to mock draft, he’s in the majority of them, and rightfully so as the Jaguars are in desperate need of a star quarterback.

Thinking outside of the box, what if Haskins isn’t on the board when the Jaguars are ready to pick? Assuming they don’t trade up and give up a fortune, there are other ways to approach this. Theoretically, if he wasn’t on the board, who would the Jaguars take?

R1 P7: WR D.K. Metcalf Mississippi

Whether this is a reach or not, the Jaguars are in desperate need of a big-bodied receiver capable of making big plays, and Metcalf is just that. Scouts have a red flag around Metcalf’s season ending injury that required surgery, which set him back in draft projections a bit.

If all goes well and Metcalf is medically cleared with the help of a vigorous NFL Combine performance, he’ll be one of, if not the first receivers off the board in April. Despite missing the final five games of his 2018 season, Metcalf was still produced at a solid level finishing with 569 yards off of 26 receptions, averaging 21.9 receiving yard per reception, and five touchdowns.

The evidence is there, a struggling quarterback with no help on the outside. Taking either of these positions in the first round would be the first step in reworking this Jaguars offense.

R2 P7: QB Will Grier West Virginia

In a perfect world, the Jaguars will select Haskins in the first-round, who not only fits the offensive scheme, but is also incredibly talented. However, in this case he was gone and the Jaguars are taking the next best quarterback on the board in Will Grier.

It’s obvious, Grier doesn’t fit the west coast, keep it simple offense. In fact, he loves to sling the ball and that’s where he strives. This is the exact reason Metcalf was selected in the first-round, as it gives Grier a player who fits his style of play.

Grier has been phenomenal with West Virginia, showing his art for placing the ball in the perfect position for a receiver. In his two year career at WVU, he’s totaled 7,354 yards, 71 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, while averaging a 65.7% completion percentage and a 169.2 passer rating.

R3 P7: TE T.J. Hockenson Iowa

Iowa producing another tight end is no surprise. Hockenson has quietly been one of the best tight ends in college this year, even playing alongside teammate and star TE Noah Fant, who’s a projected first-round pick.

He’s developed into an outstanding run blocker, one of the best among tight ends in this years draft, while still being efficient in the receiving game. Hockenson has 199 more receiving yards and only one less touchdown than Fant. Suiting every need the Jaguars are looking for in a tight end, Hockenson would be a great value pick in the third-round.

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R3 P29: OT Wyatt Miller UCF

In my last mock draft, which you can read here, I selected Miller. As he continues to be one of the most slept on players in this draft, the Jaguars shouldn’t think twice about taking him in the third-round.

R4 P29: DL Ricky Walker VT

While watching film on Walker, the first thing you’ll notice is he lacks in size only standing at 6’2” and 300 pounds. He strives in technique and ability to control gaps, which is an important skill for a defensive tackle.

The likelihood of the Jaguars moving on from Malik Jackson is high and there is question in air about what they’ll do with Marcell Dareus, who’s been a huge asset in the run stopping defense.

2017 was a big year for Walker. In 12 games, including his bowl game, he finished the year with 41 total tackles, 12.5 tackles-for-loss, four-and-a-half sacks, and a fumble recovery. He didn’t fail to have another solid outing in his 2018 season going for 49 total tackles, 10.5 tackles-for-loss, two sacks, and two forced fumbles in 11 games.

Walker has a lot of potential, and with improvement to basic skills, he has the opportunity to become a key defensive player in the NFL.

R6 P7: Devin Singletary FAU

Singletary’s film is impressive. He’s an explosive player with strong cut back ability and isn’t afraid to get physical. His patience and awareness are big reasons he’s capable of making huge plays out of the backfield.

With T.J. Yeldon and Carlos Hyde likely moving on, Corey Grant suffering a foot injury, and Fournette dealing with nagging injuries, the Jaguars need a player capable of taking on a big role.

Singletary is capable of that role after a great career at FAU. Finishing his career off with 714 rushing attempts, 4,287 yards, averaging 6.0 yards per rushing attempt, and 66 touchdowns. Singletary has also shown he’s a manageable receiving back as well tallying off 51 receptions for 397 yards and one receiving touchdown.

R7 P7: CB Davante Davis Texas

Another player I took in my recent mock draft for the Jaguars, which can be found here. When there is potential gem players in the late rounds, you take your chance with them. Davis would sit behind and learn off two of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, those being Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye.

The film shows it all. Davis is a talented player with high IQ and good technique, and as long as he’s on the board, Davis is a player to take a chance on.

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