Colts’ star quarterback Andrew Luck has begun rehab to regain strength and work towards an NFL return. Luck flew out to Los Angeles to begin his work with gilded trainers Tom House and Dedaeux. House and Dedaeux worked with other star quarterbacks, including Tom Brady. Here is what Brady had to say about his experience with the trainers.

Luck recently returned from the Netherlands, where he underwent rehab on his shoulder. He returned from Europe feeling better than he had in a long time before, feeling stronger, faster, and overall healthier. In December, it came out that Luck may have needed another surgery on his bicep tendon, but that looks unlikely. He’s been working on throwing speed and technique, two key aspects in the rehab process. During Luck’s last media presser in December, he said that “The pain has significantly gone down and that’s why I’m so optimistic.”

Before the season, Luck was supposed to return in a few weeks, which did not happen. Getting Luck work on a field as soon as possible will be crucial to his performance next time he takes a snap in an NFL game. Per Ian Rapoport, Luck is “close to throwing” again.

Once Josh McDaniels is officially hired as head coach, one must think that he will be closely involved in Luck’s recovery process. McDaniels will undoubtedly tailor his offensive scheme, working with Chris Ballard to draft and sign the players that fit that scheme, to ensure Luck stays upright. Expect plenty more quick passes and complicated blocking schemes next season.

Andrew Luck is beginning to look like his old self again. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for Luck and the future of the Colts organization.

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