2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: DE/OLB Lorenzo Carter

Oakland Raiders draft prospect Lorenzo Carter

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Lorenzo Carter

Position: OLB/DE

School: Georgia

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 245 pounds



Despite his angular frame, Carter, possesses decent pop to his tackles. While rushing the passer, Carter focuses on the core of the quarterback. As a result, proper hand placement creates opportunity. Carter forced six fumbles while playing at Georgia. In space, he attempts to secure the stop. Room for improvement: Carter needs to wrap up quicker. At the next level, he will not have the ability to manhandle most running backs.


For his frame, Carter uses his size and length to coil into the ballcarrier. Meanwhile, he realizes that does not fly against tackles. Carter could stand to add 15 pounds and maintain his burst.


When you look at his fil, this jumps out immediately. Carter’s explosive first step should help any flagging pass rush. From the snap, he can beat most tackles to the corner. In addition, Carter anticipates the snap, making himself look even faster.


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From the linebacker spot, Carter will fake a blitz, then turn and run with backs or tight ends. His quickness on sniffing out perimeter run and eluding blocks helps him disrupt slow developing plays. In the NFL, he will need to break down faster to avoid oncoming blockers.

Block Shedding

With his hand in the dirt, Carter does not have the same explosive disengagement. As a linebacker, his long arms prevent blockers from getting into his chest.

Raiders Fit

Although Paul Guenther will rush four down linemen, Carter could still blitz from the linebacker spot. In addition, Carter’s athleticism and timing could see him make the eventual switch to linebacker. For now, he is best suited to rushing the passer. While he is nowhere near accomplished, Carter’s ability to get upfield could give Oakland another pass rusher. With Bruce Irvin expected to play out his contract, Carter could shine in subpackages. Most importantly, he needs to add mass, if he has any intention on playing defensive end. He equates to former UGA standout and current Chicago Bear Leonard Floyd. The Raiders need athletes on defense.

At Georgia, coaches allowed Lorenzo Carter to make plays using his speed and explosion. If he gets to Oakland, defensive coaches can mold him into a quality future starting linebacker. At worst, Carter could fill a pass-rush specialist role. Due to his frame, someone will bring up the name Aldon Smith.


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