2018 Titans draft profile

Name: Tim Settle Jr

Position: Defensive Line

School: Virgina Tech

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 335 pounds

Projected round:  low 2nd -High 3rd

Comparing Settle Jr.

When I break down potential draft prospects, I watch tape of prospects at the same position. This helps me get a feel for how they compare to each other. Da’ Ron Payne, Vita Vea, Rasheem Green, and Maurice Hurst just to name a few top prospects. Tim Settle Jr. compares very favorably to any of them. His explosiveness is what really stands out from the others.

One part of the roadmap that the Philadelphia Eagles used to win the Superbowl that I wish the Titans would strive for is the number of quality defensive linemen on the roster. The Titans need a presence in the middle of the defense and Settle Jr. could be it. Jurrell Casey is a force but it’s too easy to run to the other side, (and Casey still makes plays)


Settle Jr. has the size to play inside in the NFL but size and strength are different qualities. He has both. Look at this clip against West Virgina. Settle Jr. takes on the block and moves the guard to the point of attack. Then he tackles the running back by shoving the guard into him.



Titans new defensive coordinator Dean Pees brings an aggressive reputation with him from Baltimore where the Ravens year in and year out were among the leagues best in total defense.  Settle Jr. can be that agile athletic big man a la’ Brandon Williams. In this clip, the guard from Clemson tries to cut block him to the ground to open up a passing lane for his quarterback. Since he’s looking in that direction already the quarterback sees Settle hurdle the block but still can’t get away from him.



Even in today’s NFL, it’s still rare you find men Tim Settle Jr’s size that can move like he can. Here we see him against Boston College. The center went left when everyone else is going right but more importantly look at how fast Settle Jr. closes on and brings down the ball carrier.


Against Georgia Tech he doesn’t make the tackle here but blows up the play and leaves 3 or 4 yellow jackets strewn about on the field.


Tim Settle Jr. has the qualities to make an immediate, positive impact for the Titans. He will be a disruptive force for years to come. I want to see the “penguin hop” celebration in Nashville!

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