2018 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: Tyrell Crosby

Position: OT

School: Oregon

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 319 pounds

Round Projection: 2-3


Pass Blocking

When the center snaps the ball, Crosby brings his hands forward with stunning power. As a result, his punch thwarts many bull rushes. The end will stand straight up, instead of a customary forward lean. Once Crosby lands the initial punch, the defender cannot maintain his own force. However, his game needs improvement dealing with looping edge rushers. In order to win there, Crosby must kick quicker and more defined to ride the rusher away from the action.


Run Blocking

For his size and frame, Crosby presents good footwork in driving opponents downfield. With his feet churning, Crosby clears wide paths for his backs. Therefore, the end washes out of the play and the ball gets to the second level. Crosby mauls defensive linemen with power generated from his hands and shoulders.


Perhaps the best part of his game, Crosby bullies opponents to the ground with ferocity. Downfield, he casts linebackers and safeties aside with no problem. Actually, he treats defensive ends the same way. Hence, Crosby plays the way he looks.

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As noted, the need to meet edge rushers quicker is more of a timing issue than physical limitation. Crosby plays with decent nimbleness when he pulls.

Scheme Fit

In reality, Tom Cable will want to remake the Raiders line in his own image. Granted, the interior of the offensive line looks secure for the next three seasons. Yet, the tackles remain a mystery. Donald Penn will return to Oakland, but is there an apprentice talented enough to take the reins when he retires? Not sure. David Sharpe struggled in limited action when Penn fell to injury. On the other side, the right tackle spot remains open. Marshall Newhouse’s deal carries no dead money in case he is released.

Above all, Crosby could provide a building block for the future. His strength and nastiness fits in with Osemele, Hudson, and Jackson. During Penn’s final days in Oakland, Crosby would occupy the right side, and then shift to the left, if the Raiders chose to move him. In addition, Crosby’s tape and interview will impress Reggie McKenzie, who focuses on draftees with high moral character.

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