It was announced yesterday that 31-year-old guard Josh Sitton, who played for the Bears in 2017, will have his $8 million option declined, making him a free agent. As such, he now enters the list of players who could be on the Vikings radar in the near future.

Sitton is one of the elite linemen in the NFL. Unfortunately, injuries have limited him of late as he has missed three games in each of the last two seasons. Prior to that, he proved to be one of the most reliable linemen in the game in terms of durability and performance. According to Pro Football Focus, Sitton graded out at 86.0 in 2017, making him the fifth-highest ranked guard of the season. He graded out as “high quality” in both the run and pass blocking categories, as seen in the graphic below.

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In terms of the offensive line market, there are few great options. This may create a large market for Sitton’s services. While Andrew Norwell is likely to set the market at guard, Sitton is one of the better B-list targets. At 31, Sitton is a little older than some teams may prefer. But he has consistently been one of the better guards in the league for a long time now.

The Vikings are currently in a championship window, which does not last forever. Sitton is a player that can transform the Vikings offensive line and truly turn them into a top unit. Plus, his price figures to pale in comparison to Norwell’s. A two- or three-year deal for around $6-7 million per year is fair for a veteran that can still play well. This would be a solid signing that will not break the bank at a position of need.

– Anthony Talanca writes for Full Press Coverage and covers the Vikings. Follow him @atalanca and follow @FPC_Vikings.


  1. I’d love Sitton. Him and Jack Mewhort are the guys I’ve got my eyes on. Plus, it makes sense for him to stay up North, just a little bit outside of where he’s been living all these years

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