FPC Raiders Exclusive Draft Interview: DT PJ Hall

Oakland Raiders draft prospect PJ Hall

When the NFL Combine commences next week, Sam Houston State DL PJ Hall will be somewhere working. In the infinite wisdom, the event organizers did not extend him an invitation to participate. However, the sleight does not deter Hall from fine-tuning his skills. In fact, the snub makes him hungrier. Far from the lights of draft analysts or fair-weather fans, Patrick Hall, Jr embarks on his question to wear an NFL uniform. That uniform could belong to the Oakland Raiders

Hall Career Numbers

284 Tackles

42 Sacks

86.5 Tackles for Loss

29 PBU

9 Forced Fumbles

14 Blocked Kicks


First, how does a player, standing a shade over 6ft block fourteen kicks?

It is all about effort. While blocking kicks, I make sure I try to drive the lineman back as far as I can back. Once I get a good knockback, I just try to put my hands up and find the ball. In addition, on batting passes down, it is all about timing.

When draft analysts comment on you, they quickly describe you as an undersized player, how does that motivate you to prove them wrong?

Yes it definitely does. People have always talked about my size being an issue. I definitely feel like I am able to use it to my advantage. One of my goals is to prove everybody wrong,  that my size does not matter. I can compete with the best of the best.

If a team like the Raiders selects you, which looks like a great fit. Chances are you will slide inside to a 3-technique. What will you do to improve?

Gaining a little more weight and getting stronger for the run. Adding more moves for my pass rush.

More Speed to power/bull rush moves. Counter moves off my club rip, and inside swipe.


Hall calls Seguin, Texas home. Seguin rests 256 miles from Dallas. With a population of 28, 614, the city affords its citizen a calmer life. If Hall dons the Silver and Black, the culture shock would feel immediate. Furthermove, making the transition to a new town, job and lifestyle could appear overwhelming.

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How will you adjust from living in Seguin to an NFL city?


Really giving it time. I feel that is the only way you can adjust to going to a big city. Have to make sure I’m focused cause I know there will be distractions living in a bigger city but I’ll just make sure that I keep reminding myself that I’m there to play football and everything else is second to that


Regardless of position, every NFL Draft prospect hears a comparison to a current player. Who do you pattern yourself after?

Aaron Donald! He is not the biggest, but he is very explosive and powerful. He is just hard to block all around.


For any interior defensive lineman, contending with NFL guards remains a chore. Guards will often play just past the whistle and take liberties. How will you counter that?

I play physical too. I am ready for the test.


Despite dozens of awards and honored, you remain grounded. What keeps you levelheaded?

I am never satisfied with what I have accomplished thus far, always striving to be the best. I know being humble will help me reach those places.

Who is the first quarterback you would like to sack and why?

Probably Tom Brady He is the best and it would mean a great deal to say I sacked him.


Granted, the Patriots and Raiders do not play in the regular season. However, Hall appears ready to make a splash in Oakland. In Paul Guenther’s system, the front four needs to get home. While not as accomplished, Hall’s game bears a striking resemblance to Geno Atkins, as far as, similar size and motor. If Hall can emulate those results for the Raiders, Oakland would begin the massive turnaround. In essence, Hall bring the fire that Oakland’s interior misses.


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