Jarvis Landry Discusses Hard Knocks Speech and Dez Bryant

Browns wide receiver hopes to influence team to sign former Cowboys wideout

Jarvis Landry
Source: Scott Piker

Jarvis Landry is taking the role of leader very seriously. The veteran wide receiver is using his voice to make a difference for the Cleveland Browns in 2018.

It hasn’t take much time for Landry to become an influence on the wide receivers room in Berea.

Landry was featured during episode one of Hard Knocks ‘Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns’ for his speech in the wide receivers meeting room. The speech included plenty of foul language, but it also sent a message to his teammates.

“Honestly, my inspiration was that if you are not hurt and you can practice, practice. Nobody gets better on the sideline,” Landry said. “The team does not get better that way, and you put stress on other guys. That was really my biggest thing. If you can practice, practice.”

So was the speech directed at one member of the wide receiver core? It’s possible if Corey Coleman was still with the Browns. The speech took place before the Browns sent Coleman packing to the Buffalo Bills.

“It was directed to and throughout our whole team,” Landry said. “I know that I said it in the receiver room, but it was directed to the whole team. I think that it is going to allow us to create a mindset and a culture. If we are going to change the culture, that is where it has to begin. We can’t be having favors or taking days off or stuff like that. We have to practice and put in the work to be great.”

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Landry is also taking on a mentor role with rookie Antonio Callaway, especially following Callaway’s traffic stop and marijuana possession charge.

“We just have to be smart. For us, everything that one guys does reflects on the unit,” Landry said. “It reflects on the team. It reflects on the organization. We just have to be smart. That, honestly, was my only advice – just be smart, take care of yourself and understand that what you do reflects yourself and your family, but it also reflects this organization.”

Landry is also in support of the Browns signing veteran free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant. The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver is going to visit Berea this week. Another veteran wide receiver can help the Browns in 2018. Bryant provides that and much more.

“Attitude. Obviously, effort,” Landry said. “You look at the plays the he makes down the field and underneath – he can really do it all given the opportunities. I think that (offensive coordinator) Coach (Todd) Haley would do a really good job of trying to get him the ball if he was here. If not, we have got guys that can make plays here, too.”

Bryant tweeted out during the Browns 20-10 win over the New York Giants his plans to play for and visit the Browns. Landry has not spoken to Bryant about it.

“We are just trying to figure it out,” Landry said. “If he wants to be here, then obviously we will [welcome him with] open arms. We would love to have him. He would be a great addition to our team and to our offense, for sure. Right now, all we can do is focus on what we have.”

Whether Bryant joins the Browns, Landry wants Cleveland to be a destination for wide receivers moving forward.

“Just looking at Todd’s history and his background, especially with what he did in Arizona with (former NFL WR Steve) Breaston, (Cardinals WR) Larry (Fitzgerald) and (former NFL WR) Anquan (Boldin) with those three guys. I think it is an opportunity for us all to get better. So if we add a guy to the room, awesome. If not, then we still have to keep it moving. We will see how it goes.”

Hopefully it goes in the right direction in regards to victories starting in 2018.

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