2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Miles Sanders

Position: Running Back

School: Penn State University

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 215 pounds

Round Projection: Day 2


Run Style

To begin with, Sanders gets downhill with a different approach. While others chose to either dance or lower the shoulder, he will glide toward the line, using stride variation. That is to say, he will time his approach and gait according to the situation. Instead of barreling toward contact, Sanders will slip a tackle and create his own daylight. In addition, his balance, combined with an excellent guide arm to ward off leg tackles helps. Meanwhile, his vision in the open field carves up defenses. Granted, weighing 215 pounds, Sanders will occasionally finish with good pad pop and the ability to drive defenders backwards.


As mentioned, Sanders generates the elusiveness to make defenders miss. Yet, he uses this tool judiciously. To put it another way, you will not see him dancing in the hole or uncorking ill-timed spin moves. As a result, defenses must play Sanders straight up and not expect too many moves. However, with quick feet and timing, Sanders will pressure tacklers one-on-one.

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Before the combine, Sanders shows enough speed. Meaning, he can streak past linebackers down the field. However, he only has slightly above-average acceleration. Yet, this is not a disqualifying trait. As always, ignore the stopwatch.


Sitting behind Saquon Barkley for two years, Sanders was not going to see many targets. On the other hand, during his lone year as a starter, he caught 24 passes. At the next level, Sanders will need to expand his route tree, other than swing passes. With his agility, he does present a nightmare in the flats.

Raiders Fit

Some will view Sanders as a one-year starter. If the Raiders look deeper, they will see a low-usage back with plenty of tread on the tire. Under those circumstances, he presents fresh legs, not bogged down by hundreds of touches. With this in mind, he can easily slide into the rotation, for now. Eventually, he could see starter snaps, depending on what the Raiders do with Lynch, Warren, and Martin. Moreover, the entire group needs an infusion of youthful legs. Lynch and Martin are in the twilight of their careers. Warren, despite the preseason success and fan hype, is still largely unproven. With that said, Sanders would give the Raiders stability for the next 3-5 years.


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