The NFL officially released the schedule for the 2019 season tonight. The full slate of games for the Vikings is listed below.

We will get more in depth with the major games later but there are a few things worth noting now. For one, the overall degree of difficulty for the Vikings appears, at least on paper, to be similar to last season’s, despite Minnesota missing the playoffs in 2018. There is not the same gauntlet of tough road games to begin the season, but they again get some of 2018’s top teams. Seven of the 16 games will be against teams that made the postseason last year.

On first glance, weeks nine through 13 loom largest, even with the bye. They have the young and exciting Chiefs in week nine, the defending NFC East champ Cowboys in week 10 and Seattle, a 2018 Wild Card team, in week 13. All three games will be on the road.

Also notable is that Minnesota will once again close the season at home against the Bears, only this time, it is the Bears coming off a stellar regular season the year before. They will also play road games in the division twice in the span of three weeks early in the season. On top of that, it is also hard to pick out any “easy” wins on the schedule. No team in the Vikings’ 2019 is necessarily a lock to be a last place team this year. 

So let the prognosticating for another exciting NFL season begin. Here is the Minnesota Vikings 2019 schedule.

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Week 1 vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 2 @ Green Bay Packers

Week 3 vs. Oakland Raiders

Week 4 @ Chicago Bears

Week 5 @ New York Giants

Week 6 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Week 7 @ Detroit Lions

Week 8 vs. Washington Redskins (Thursday)

Week 9 @ Kansas City Chiefs

Week 10 @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 11 vs. Denver Broncos

Week 12 BYE

Week 13 @ Seattle Seahawks (Monday)

Week 14 vs. Detroit Lions

Week 15 @ Los Angeles Chargers

Week 16 vs. Green Bay Packers

Week 17 vs. Chicago Bears


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