Chicago Bears: Franchise “Pissed Off” About Last Season, Look To Atone...

From the players to the coaching staff to the front office, the Chicago Bears franchise is upset over the 2019 season, looking for atonement in 2020.

Chicago Bears: Team Views Danny Trevathan As A Special Leader

The Chicago Bears view linebacker Danny Trevathan as a special leader. That is one of the reasons why they chose to re-sign him over other younger options.

Chicago Bears: David Montgomery Should Have A Big 2020 Season

Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery
Chicago Bears running back did not have the rookie season many expected. He is looking to build on his experience so he could have a breakout 2020 season.

Key 2020 Matchups: Funchess vs Jenkins

Round 4 of the Green Bay Packers key 2020 match up series pairs wide receiver Devin Funchess and cornerback Janoris Jenkins. This...

Chicago Bears: Charles Leno Facing His Most Important Season

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Charles Leno Jr.
Chicago Bears offensive lineman Charles Leno Jr faces his most important season. If he has another down season he could find himself looking for work.

Chicago Bears: With Shortened Preseason, Expect A Different NFL Season

Chicago Bears
If recent reports are to be believed, the Chicago Bears will only have two preseason games. If true, expect a season we've never seen before.

Chicago Bears: Like It Or Not, Nick Foles Was Always The...

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles
In light of the Cam Newton signing, the Chicago Bears again receive criticism for going after Nick Foles. Foles was the team's choice from the start.

Chicago Bears: Expect More Big Things From Allen Robinson in 2020

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson
Despite the Chicago Bears' offensive woes, wide receiver Allen Robinson had a big season. If the quarterback play improves, expect even more from him in 2020.

Chicago Bears: Jaylon Johnson Already Impressing His Coaches

Chicago Bears rookie cornerback Jaylon Johnson
Chicago Bears second round draft pick Jaylon Johnson hasn't started work with his team yet he's already impressing his coaches with his intelligence.

Chicago Bears: Disrespect Continues With Eddie Jackson Snub

Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson
The Chicago Bears disrespect from the national media continues as Eddie Jackson was recently omitted from a CBS Soirts list of top safeties in the NFL.

Chicago Bears: Is Adam Shaheen Still A Viable Option?

Chicago Bears tight end Adam Shaheen
After a disappointing three seasons with the Chicago Bears, not many expected Adam Shaheen to return in 2020. Does the team really expect to use him?

Key 2020 Matchups: Clark vs Ragnow

Welcome to round 3 in the Green Bay Packers key 2020 match up series. Again we stay in the trenches with defensive...

Chicago Bears: Why The Bears Will Return To The Playoffs In...

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy
After a disappointing 2019 season from the Chicago Bears, they enter 2020 with a better roster. Because of this, they'll make the playoffs.

Chicago Bears: Robert Quinn Needs To Make An Adjustment But Will...

Chicago Bears acquire linebacker Robert Quinn
Chicago Bears linebacker Robert Quinn has to make an adjustment to a different scheme but ultimately will thrive with the elite players around him.

Green Bay Packers Opposing QB Rankings 2020

In the NFL, quarterback is the most important position. Therefore, when looking at the Green Bay Packers schedule, the first question to ask is,...

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