The Kansas City Chiefs took care of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. After a slow start, Kansas City woke up and was relentless in their offensive attack. With the 28-10 victory, the Chiefs now sit at 2-0. Now let’s relive some of the key points, with this Chiefs-Raiders recap.

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Raiders Start Hot

This felt like a game, where the Raiders were feeling anxious to prove themselves. They wasted no time in the beginning. Derek Carr was completing quick passes, just like last week. Additionally, running back Josh Jacobs was a force. Chiefs defenders struggled to bring him down more than once. Early in the game, it looked like the Chiefs defense was going to have a long day.

Mahomes Magic

It wasn’t just the Oakland offense that began things on the right foot. Patrick Mahomes struggled to connect with receivers that were either open, or had a favoring matchup. However, that all changed in the second quarter. The Chiefs found the end zone on the first play of the quarter, as Mahomes throw was easy to a wide open Demarcus Robinson. Robinson had himself a career day. He’s a receiver who seems to always make the tough, clutch catches in tight windows.

After a Raiders punt, the Chiefs were deep in their own territory at the five yard line. Mahomes wasted no time in marching his men down the field. He dropped one in the bucket on a wheel route, for Damien Williams. Then, he was consistent in hitting on intermediate throws. Finally with a 3rd and 20, the quarterback let go of a bomb that hit Mecole Hardman in stride. It was the rookie receiver’s first career touchdown.

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Near the end of the half, the Chiefs defense was able to force a three and out. With the ball back in their hand, Kansas City wasted no time in scoring again. A one play drive was good for Robinson’s second touchdown catch of the day. Also, it was Mahomes fourth touchdown pass in the second quarter. With that turnaround, the Chiefs ended any of the Raiders excitement.

Carr Comes To A Halt

Once the Chiefs increased the lead to three scores, it felt like the Raiders had no chance of coming back. Oakland was forced to abandon the quick passing game, and ground and pound attack. Kansas City’s front started to energize and get after the opposing QB. It’s very telling how once opponents and Carr get in his own head, the miscues continue for him. He fixates and falls apart, and at times, Carr’s unable to make adjustments. The Chiefs defense may still have some work to do. But, they stepped up and didn’t allow a score in nearly the final 50 minutes of the game. The Chiefs also came away with three sacks and two interceptions.

Up Next

The Chiefs will head back to Kansas City for their home opener. Next week’s matchup is sure to be a good one, as the Chiefs host the Baltimore Ravens. Last year’s game between these two at Arrowhead was incredible. In fact, it is the only regular season game Lamar Jackson has lost as the Ravens starting quarterback.

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