Many moves will be made this upcoming offseason by the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite a Super Bowl championship win, many positions could be addressed. One of those spots could be at wide receiver. Sammy Watkins is rumored to be a cut candidate, due to salary cap implications. Could Dez Bryant be a possible target to join the Chiefs fold?

Some people may scoff at this possibility. First off, he has not played in a full season since 2017. Bryant has not been willing to settle for certain offers from teams over the last couple of years. He is determined and ready now, though. Workout videos have been posted by him over the last month:

There are a few other reasons, as to why Kansas City may want to add Dez Bryant. Let’s find out what those are.

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Added Experience and Depth

If Watkins is indeed not with the Chiefs entering 2020, there is an immediate need at the wide receiver position. Bryant could actually fill the role Watkins has previously assumed, fairly well. His ability to be a vertical threat is similar. Additionally, his length is something extra that defenses would have to worry about. This would mix well with the likes of Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman.

Speaking of those two receivers, we know how dynamic each player can be. But, they are still developing into complete receivers, specifically Hardman. Other wide receivers currently on the Kansas City roster do not provide much for experience. Bryant could be that final puzzle piece that keeps the offense afloat. Moreover, the Chiefs would give the receiver a legit chance to win a Super Bowl ring.

He’s Highly Motivated

We mentioned earlier how teams had reportedly offered Dez Bryant contract offers since his release from the Dallas Cowboys. So, why did he not sign? He has said before that he needed to get his body right and feel comfortable. When Bryant finally found what he was looking for, he gave things a try with the New Orleans Saints, late in 2018. He unfortunately suffered a torn Achilles and never played a game with the Saints.

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Once again, Bryant was working to get back in to shape. We saw a similar opportunity come about for him this past season. Reports stated that he was ready and set to go. Nonetheless, no contenders took a chance on him throughout 2019.

Teams better believe if they take a chance on him for 2020, that they will likely be getting the very best out of Dez Bryant. He just needs one chance to prove himself. Likely, it will be on a Super Bowl contender, as we have said beforehand.

Chief Connections?

Players from different teams usually workout together during the offseason. But, one new video has really given this possibility more steam. Bryant was working and catching passes from Patrick Mahomes at a training facility in Fort Worth, Texas:

It is believed that the duo has talked about working together for some time now. If that is not enough, Hardman was reportedly hoping to work with Bryant too.

Maybe this does not mean one thing about what the future holds for the Kansas City Chiefs and the veteran receiver. Yet, the need at receiver is there for the defending Super Bowl champs one way or another. Kansas City has proved to be a steady working environment for incoming players over the last couple of years. Andy Reid would also serve as an inspiring offensive mind to play for. That may be quite the leap, from having played for Jason Garrett. Of course, you can never count out general manager Brett Veach from making bold and calculated roster moves.

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