Last season, the Raiders showed their ability to succeed as a first-half team. Whether it is the first halves of games or the first half of the season, the Raiders struggled to finish. In the 2020 season, the Raiders may have an easier walk in the second half of the season once more. 

Quick Test

Throughout the first six weeks, the Raiders face the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Like last season, the Raiders will not only have to prove themselves through the first half but will also have to hold steady to finish out the year. 

Easy Ending?

The back half of the season lightens up, as the team’s potential noteworthy opponents include the Chiefs, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Indianapolis Colts. A grueling first half can make things difficult, but in order to be the best, the Raiders must beat the best. The Raiders’ success throughout the entire season will depend on the team’s conditioning and ability to stay healthy. As the team witnessed last season, especially with their linebacker corps, their roster has to be deep. 

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Roster Addition

Fortunately, Las Vegas did an impressive job strengthening their roster with not only new starters but established backups as well. On a game-to-game basis, the Raiders must step up in the second halves of games. Time and again, the Raiders appeared prepared offensively and defensively for their matchup until halftime. After halftime, however, the squad did not appear to have many new plans to keep things fresh. Predictability is not typically synonymous with Jon Gruden and hopefully, that was nothing but a fluke from 2019. 


The Raiders have to keep opponents on their toes throughout the game. While it may have been difficult last season with a lack of major targets, this will not be an excuse in the coming season. Las Vegas has added an impressive amount of talent this offseason, which should keep things relatively fresh.


The Raiders should have their sights set on the playoffs this season. The team has bolstered their roster on offense and defense. The talent is certainly there for a playoff-caliber team. This is by no means calling for any sort of coaching change, but if Coach Gruden cannot get things done this season, maybe the team should start looking into it.

No Excuses

All eyes are certainly on the Las Vegas Raiders this season, especially with their intimidating new stadium. They are scheduled for an unprecedented four primetime games this season, and nothing would be better for their new city than showing the fans the team means business. 


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