It has been 25 years since the Miami Dolphins have had a quarterback appear in the Pro Bowl. The last time that happened it was Dan Marino in 1995. In an effort to keep them all healthy, the Dolphins’ organization has spoken about the decision to keep at least one of its quarterbacks separated from all its other players to reduce their risk of catching COVID-19. 

Florida Teams Looking Into Quarantining QBs

The idea is a precaution for a scenario in which the starter or any backup QBs become infected with coronavirus. Miami and fellow-Florida NFL franchise, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, each had their head coaches, Brian Flores and Bruce Arians, among those in favor of considering quarantining these players in order to keep them healthy. 

“We’ve talked through that scenario, as well as a plethora of other scenarios,” Flores said, although he didn’t elaborate. “I think we’ve got a plan in place that we feel good about.”

Duration of Time Away From Team Varies

If any players on a teams’ starting roster come down with the virus it would be disastrous, especially if it were its No. 1 QB. Should a player contract coronavirus, a team could challenge the coronavirus diagnosis as an injury. If he is indeed positive, he must quarantine for 10 days following the positive test or five days following two negative tests before he can rejoin his team.

Rosen, Tagovailoa Would Join Fitzpatrick in Quarantine

It’s likely that backup QB Josh Rosen could be the quarantine QB should the team opt to do something like this, with Ryan Fitzpatrick likely being the starter and Tua Tagovailoa being his back up. However, this is based simply on playing experience. With talk of Tagovailoa competing with Fitzpatrick for first team reps, it is also very likely Tagovailoa would be next in line over Rosen should Fitzpatrick contract COVID-19. QB Jake Rudock is also still rostered, and although he will likely be demoted to the practice squad by final roster cuts, he is still in play for emergency purposes.

“We’ve looked into really every possible scenario, that being one of them,” Flores said. “A lot of our meetings are on Zoom right now, so everyone, from that standpoint, is in a quarantine. So, in a lot of ways, it takes care of itself. But, yeah, we’ve thought about that.”

Padded practices begin today for Miami.

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