The 2017 season for the Miami Dolphins has come down to the football equivalent of 60-yard “Hail Mary” attempt. The season has wound down to a 4th and long with 30 seconds left on the clock. A borderline miracle has to occur.

For the Dolphins, the task is simple, the to-do list is brief. Simply win the next two games, at Kansas City and at home against AFC East foe Buffalo. However, Week 15 proved that Miami fairs poorly in cold-weather, must-win road match-ups. Week 15 also proved that Miami has a difficult time containing the slippery Tyrod Taylor along with the rest of the Buffalo offense. Therefore, it’s perhaps the case that the most herculean task during the next two weeks is for Miami to go 2-0.

As for the rest of the AFC, buckle up, because this is a wild ride of scenarios. If Miami wins out, one of the following five results must occur…

  • Buffalo, Baltimore, and Tennessee lose out, all finishing 8-8.
  • Two of Buffalo, Baltimore, and Tennessee lose out along with Kansas City. While LA Chargers win out.
  • Baltimore and Tennessee lose out while LA Chargers lose one game.
  • Baltimore and Buffalo lose out while both Oakland and LA Chargers lose one game.
  • Buffalo and Tennessee lose out while both Oakland and LA Chargers lose one game.

The Titans have tough games against Jacksonville and LA Rams, which are two games that could easily end up in losses for Tennessee.

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The Bills have the Patriots, who still have a 1st round-bye to clinch, and Miami on the road. While the loss to the Patriots seems almost guaranteed, don’t rule out a loss to Miami in Week 17. It’s always difficult to defeat a division opponent on the road, twice in one year, or twice in a span of three weeks.

The Chargers have a very winnable game against the Jets in Week 16 and a toss up game against Oakland. The Chargers are one of the hottest teams in football, which obviously benefits them in this time of year.

Oakland has two daunting road games ahead of them in trips to Philadelphia and LA to face the Chargers. Oakland could easily lose their last two games given the opponent and the inconsistency they’ve had on offense.

Kansas City has of course Miami and Denver on the road to end the year. An easy couple of games, Kansas City ought to have a relatively easy route to the playoffs.

Finally, Baltimore two of the easiest games to finish out the season with contests against Indianapolis and Cincinnati. These two games plus the head-to-head over Miami leaves any scenario involving Baltimore losing out unlikely.

As for the most likely to occur, Tennessee and Buffalo have serious chances of losing their last two games. Pair their loses with either Oakland and LA Chargers losing at least once, or LA Chargers winning their final two games, I’d definitely consider those two scenarios the most likely to manifest themselves in the final weeks of the 2017 NFL season. Say your prayers Dolphins fans! #FinsUp

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